WHITE FACE? Smollett’s Lawyer Offers Bizarre Explanation for Nigerian Attackers

The attorney for “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett offered up a bizarre explanation for why her client blamed two white men for his alleged attack in Chicago.

“He did tell police that from what he saw, he thought it was white or pale skin, that’s what he initially said,” attorney Tina Glandian said on TODAY. “Obviously, you can disguise that. You can put make-up on. There’s a video, it took me all of five minutes when I was looking into the brothers, to of one of the brothers in whiteface doing the Joker monologue.”

A screenshot from the video to which Glandian was referring shows one of the Nigerian brothers, whom Smollett fingered as his attackers during the original police investigation, with his face painted white:

Glandian works for attorney Mark Geragos, who was recently fired as a CNN legal analyst due to his alleged involvement in Michael Avenatti’s attempt to extort Nike.

All charges against Smollett were mysteriously dropped Tuesday, and records of the case were ordered sealed. The prosecutors cited community service and his forfeiture of his $10,000 bond.

But Glandian said that those terms were not the reason for dropping the charges, adding that Smollett did both because he’s a good guy.

“He had to do nothing. There were no obligations, no conditions. These are the things that he chose to do because this is his character,” she said.

There is a tangled web of attorneys and high profile Democrats that interfered in the Smollett case. Tina Tchen, former Chief of Staff to Michelle Obama, spoke with State’s Attorney Kim Foxx on behalf of Smollett. Smollett is known to have been friends with the Obama’s. Foxx is also close with Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), with whom Smollett is also acquainted.

The Department of Justice has launched an investigation into the handling of Smollett’s case.

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