Why Did Arizona State Student Grovel To Wokeness After Getting Harassed By The Left?

Arizona State University student Chase Beckerman groveled to leftist “Woke” ideology in his public statement after getting harassed about race by a black female student. As Richard Moorhead reports, that black female student is a fellow at the well-funded leftist Ford Foundation.

The viral video of the encounter shows what could happen to any white male on a college campus in this day and age. A black female activist presses for her victims to leave a “multicultural” space and disparages “whiteness,” saying that it is not a culture. One of the male students complains that he has to work in addition to going to college because his parents don’t just give him money, but his harassers do not give him any sympathy.

Beckerman was quickly identified and intimidated in the public square, which is no safe space for conservatives.

But instead of taking a stand for people who look like himself, one of the young male victims groveled to the terminology and ideology of Wokeness. As Chase Beckerman wrote, “Each of us has the right to our own beliefs and to express them through constructive and non-threatening discourse.” Beckerman then talks about how he does not know the “experiences” of his assailants and how he wants that “we can all come together as instruments for meaningful change.” He then directs questions to his “representative” at the Sherman and Howard law firm.

What does it say about our modern culture that a student is expected to grovel and defer to counsel simply because a left-wing agitator confronted him and disparaged his race? What does it say about a culture that makes a hero out of an anti-white instigator while a law abiding student is forced into veritable hiding? The double standards and bias in our system nowadays are evident. But the double standards are not going to stop so long as the racially-obsessed Left continues to desire the humiliation and obliteration of its perceived enemies.

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