WINNING: Trump Set to Slap Illegal Immigrants With $500k Fines for Ignoring Deportation Orders

The Trump administration is preparing to issue whopping $500,000 fines to illegal immigrants who have refused to comply with orders to leave the country, according to new reporting from NPR.

The fines would apply to some illegal migrants who have ignored orders of deportation for years.

Judgments against the scofflaws could make it much harder for them to remain illegally in the country, as the court system would have the power to impose wage garnishments and other penalties to recoup the cost of the hefty fine.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has the power to levy fines against individuals held in contempt of immigration law.

The Immigration and Nationality Act states that ICE can impose fines “on aliens who have been ordered removed or granted voluntary departure and fail to depart the United States.”

An ICE representative, Lisa Hoescht, already declared the agency’s intention to levy the $497,777 fine against an illegal immigrant in gross violation of immigration court decisions.

Should the fines make it through the progressive-activist dominated federal court system, remaining in the U.S illegally could become a very expensive proposition for illegal immigrants who remain steadfastly intent on violating the law.

The Trump administration is also preparing a grand wave of deportation operations to celebrate the Fourth of July.

Even as progressive activists gunk down the pipes in the federal court system, the Trump administration continues to push for the renewed immigration enforcement the American people have cried out for for decades.

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