All-Women’s College Bans Word ‘Women’

Mount Holyoke College, Facebook

Mount Holyoke, Mass. — Gender craziness is on the rise at a traditional all-women’s Mount Holyoke College, where teachers are being ordered to avoid using gender-specific terms, reported Fox News.

School officials are pushing a manifesto laced with Orwellian speech codes under the guise of promoting a “gender neutral” environment, reported.

The Supporting Trans and Non-Binary Students guide now demands college professors take an “intersectional approach” to the classroom by “becoming aware of the multiple forms of oppression and privilege each individual faces and how they interact with one another.”

“Traditional binaries around who counts as a man or woman are being challenged by those whose gender identity does not conform to their biology.”

Mt. Holyoke College, Admission

The old feminist movement embodied by the likes of Gloria Steinem frequently espoused the mantra that the word “women” is sexist, because it contains the word “men.” In the late seventies, many feminists began promoting usage of the word “womyn.”

In a perfect illustration of the adage, “nothing new under the sun,” professors at the all-women’s college in question are being subjected to the same anti-science lunacy pushed by man-hating lesbians in the seventies with an obsession for bra-burning (no criticism of the latter). Accept, this time around, the Soviet-style speech codes are masquerading as “gender sensitivity.”

Wearing dresses and removing private parts fundamentally does not alter the DNA, chromosomes or reproductive faculties of men who “become” women. For all the those triggered by these comments, it may be instructive to consider that science is not an emotional pursuit, but a facts-based discipline. Getting offended by reality is actually considered a neurological disorder by modern medicine. It’s called “border-line personality disorder.”

A college, or any school of higher learning, is not charged with the propagation of mental disorders — but rather the instruction of students in the ways of rational thinking and logical thought. In essence, the actions of the school in question may violate the essence of why educational institutions exist.

When culture decides that an unhealthy behavior or mode of thinking is fun, acceptable or should even be encouraged, the objective reality doesn’t cease to exist. It is merely rejected, and often with perilous consequences.

When cigarettes became a household staple, and were marketed as “cool” by big cigarette companies, the widely known fact that cigarettes caused cancer didn’t cease to be reality.

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