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Workplace Romance is the Newest Target of the Radical Left



Both Google and Facebook have enacted a rule stating that employees may only ask a co-worker out once. If they are turned down, even with a simple “I’m busy that night,” they may not ask again without risking disciplinary action.


Romantic relationships between co-workers have always been a contentious subject that companies have attempted to address.

Historically, the issue has been tackled with restrictions on relationships between managers and subordinates, which is generally seen as a reasonable rule. But in the modern age, with radical feminists at the helm of HR Departments in large companies, the restrictions have become much more insidious, with a clear bias against men.

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This is especially prevalent in the aftermath of recent high profile sexual harassment cases coming out of Hollywood, which led towards the creation of the #MeToo movement.

Doug Smith, managing principal of the law firm Jackson Lewis has attested to that trend, stating that he has seen a massive increase in employer clients calling about sexual-harassment policies since September, which is when the #MeToo movement began in response to sexual assault allegations against disgraced film produced Harvey Weinstein.

These sexual harassment policies include mandatory relationship reporting and “love contracts,” which have become more and more common in workplaces across the country; and some companies, largely in the tech industry, have taken their policies a step further.

This policy is clearly geared towards discouraging men from pursuing romantic interests in the workplace.  It replaces the fear of rejection with a fear of retaliation from weaponized HR Departments led by radical feminists.

This policy also creates a gray area so vast that it even confuses feminist women.

Anna Wood, a former Google employee, and current CEO of Brains Over Blonde, a feminist lifestyle platform, stated that she often can’t make out the difference between being asked out on a date, and being invited to a standard social event, such as happy hour.

This means that the simple act of a man inviting a women co-worker to happy hour could result in disciplinary action.

The policy also advances the widely promoted feminist idea that men are dangerous sexual-harassers, and that the simple act of asking a women on a date is comparable to sexual harassment.

It is clear that these policies are on the rise, and are not slowing down anytime soon, at least as long as radical feminists keep their stronghold on the tech industry.



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YIKES: WHO Breaks With APA on Gender Dysphoria, No Longer Mental Disorder



The World Health Organization (WHO) has dropped a mental health disorder from it’s official list of diseases, breaking with the American Psychiatric Association (APA).

“In its revised International Classification of Diseases, released Monday, the WHO removed transgender identity as a mental health disorder and added gaming disorder to the list,” according to a report by The Week. “Recategorizing transgender as a sexual health condition is aimed at cutting stigma and improving quality of care, says the WHO.”

It is the WHO’s first revision to its list of diseases in 28 years.

Transgenderism is considered a mental disorder by the APA. It is officially named “gender dysphoria.”

“Gender dysphoria involves a conflict between a person’s physical or assigned gender and the gender with which he/she/they identify,” says the APA. “People with gender dysphoria may often experience significant distress and/or problems functioning associated with this conflict between the way they feel and think of themselves (referred to as experienced or expressed gender) and their physical or assigned gender.”

But dropping a disease from the official list to avoid “stigma” makes little sense. Many recognized mental health disorders have stigmas attached to them. In response, the diseases are treated, not “de-stigmatized.”

The transgender suicide rate is extremely high compared to that of the population at large. More than 40% of transgender people will attempt suicide at some point, according to a UCLA report. The rate among the rest of the population is about 4%.

Now, with the World Health Organization’s complicity, the political left is trying to pass off a 36% higher suicide rate among transgender people as the result of a societal “stigma” instead of a mental health problem. The stigma is clearly not the problem, evidenced by the fact that the suicide rate before and after “transitioning” is exactly the same, according to the same UCLA study.

The political left is making a clear effort to propagandize the public instead of telling the simple truth about transgenderism.

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RIP PEPE: EU Votes ‘Yes’ on Meme Ban



In a devastating blow to those who enjoy internet freedom, a group of leftist government bureaucrats have effectively banned memes from Europe.

“Article 13 (a.k.a. censorship machines) will make platforms responsible for monitoring user behavior to stop copyright infringements, but basically means only huge platforms will have the resources to let users comment or share content,” according to The Next Web. “People opposed to the proposal worry that this could lead to broader censorship, threatening free speech via parody, satire, and even protest videos.”

Since memes are usually made from copyrighted images, the European Union has essentially outlawed them.

The meme magicians responded exactly the way one would expect.

“EU voted to pass [Article 13] and ban memes…it is time – Meme War 3 has begun,” said an anonymous Twitter user.

“EU is voting to ban Memes through censorship machines. #LOL,” said Narek Panossian, attaching two memes to his tweet.

Even Yahoo UK savored some of the absurd, using a caption photo with a popular meme:

Not all European lawmakers are on board, though.

“[The Copyright Directive is] on the verge of causing irreparable damage to our fundamental rights and freedoms, our economy and competitiveness, our education and research, our innovation and competition, our creativity and our culture,” wrote Julia Reda, a German politician and Member of the European Parliament on her websiteAccording to Reda’s site, “over 80 signatories representing human and digital rights organisations, media freedom organisations, publishers, journalists, libraries, scientific and research institutions, educational institutions including universities, creator representatives, consumers, software developers, start-ups, technology businesses and Internet service providers.”

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Flashback: Mitt Romney Loves L. Ron Hubbard



A U.S. Senate Candidate from Utah revealed a curious fact on the presidential campaign trail in 2012.

“Actually, the one by L. Ron Hubbard,” Mitt Romney responded when asked about his favorite novel. “I’m not in favor of his religion by any means but he wrote a book called ‘Battlefield Earth’ that was a very fun science fiction book.”


Hubbard was the founder the of the Church of Scientology. He holds the Guinness World Record for most published works by one author. Much of his fictional writing, including “Battlefield Earth,” influenced the doctrines of Scientology. In fact, the book was rendered into a horrible movie in which John Travolta, perhaps the most famous Scientologist, played the lead role.

Some themes from Scientology run parallel with “Battlefield Earth.”

For example, one group in the book uses electroshock therapy in order to maintain control. Hubbard frequently claimed that psychiatrists were wrong for labelling electroshock therapy ineffective, and claimed in Scientology that they did so in order to maintain control.

One supporting character in the book is described as having been shaped by the views of his mother. His mother was a member of a resistance group, referred to as a “church,” and much like the Church of Scientology, it opposed psychiatry.

Romney is a member of the Church of Latter Day Saints, better known as Mormons.




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