WTF: Critical Race Theory Opponent Christopher Rufo Endorses the Demographic Collapse of America

Conservative Inc. operative Christopher Rufo appeared on a podcast where he endorsed the demographic collapse of America.

The operative, who has risen to prominence for exposing critical race theory, made comments that do not serve to differentiate him much from an average liberal.

“I think that there’s two things that for critical race theorists drives them crazy, one is interracial marriage. I think that interracial marriage is a sign of progress,” said Rufo, himself a part of an interracial marriage.

“I think also America is going to look very different in 100 years. You’re not going to be able to tell, ‘you’re black,’ ‘you’re white,’ ‘you’re Hispanic,’ ‘you’re Puerto Rican,’ whatever. It’s going to be very complex, and ultimately that’s going to be good,” he added.

Rufo’s position of support on the collapsing demographics of America is no different than that of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), whose operatives diligently track the declining number of white people in America from their offices. He also acts as if the demographic collapse of America is some organic process and not the results of generations of social engineering by globalists.

“There will be a process of evolution as people kind of adapt, accommodate and intermarry,” he said.

The clip can be seen here:

Big League Politics has reported on Rufo’s emergence as a gatekeeper meant to keep opponents of critical race theory from really defending their interests and changing the trajectory of the country:

In recent months, there has been a groundswell of grassroots momentum building in opposition to Critical Race Theory (CRT), the anti-white Marxist curriculum being pushed in school systems nationwide.

So, naturally, Conservative Inc. is coming to co-opt this groundswell and keep Republicans from actually deriding CRT in the strong terms that would actually resonate with the general public…

Podcaster Scott Greer pointed out that these talking points emerged after a recent gathering in Montana hosted by Christopher Rufo, whose work has been cited by former president Donald Trump and has been very influential in the anti-CRT movement…

Recent posts by Rufo indicate he lacks the courage to explain that CRT has been constructed as a blood libel against white people for the purposes of justifying violence against them, which very well may result in genocide…

Rufo suggests that we all should just behave as individuals and that will prevent the ruthless organized Left from encroaching further against our liberties.”

Although Rufo did some great initial reporting to expose critical race theory, he is now holding back the movement as it takes off. This is what happens inevitably to all Conservative Inc. operatives who rely on big donors, and not the grassroots, to make ends meet.

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