YIKES: Fox News Busted for Fake News Impeachment Poll

Fox News has been exposed running a fake poll with the hopes of ginning up support for President Trump’s impeachment, leaving little to no doubt among conservatives that the network has been heavily compromised by liberal and progressive media operatives.

Fox released the poll earlier this week, which claimed that 51% of Americans support impeaching President Donald Trump. The poll results would certainly be less than flattering for the President.

However, analysis from the New York Post reveals the poll to be nothing more than artificial and fake polling.

Braun Research, the company commissioned by Fox to carry out the poll, massively oversampled Democrats in the respondents. 48% of those who answered the poll were Democrats; whereas 31% of Americans broadly are registered Democrats.

Such a skewed pool of poll-takers would surely leave the conclusions revealed by the poll to be less than accurate in gauging the views of a national American audience. The New York Post determined that if the poll accurately sampled Democrats, Republicans, and Independents, it would have a figure of 44.9% in support of the President’s impeachment.

President Trump sounded off on the ridiculously biased and fake poll in a tweet Thursday.


Fox’s commissioning of an unreliable and arguably outright fake poll is sure to damage their credibility even further with conservatives and Trump supporters, a trend that’s developed over the past years and months. Traditional Fox viewers have been alienated by a constant stream of liberal editorial content from the once-trusted conservative news source, espoused by celebrity anchors Chris Wallace and Shepard Smith.

Fortunately, Smith has quit his position at Fox after losing a dispute with primetime America First ratings kingpin Tucker Carlson. Shortly after his departure, it was revealed the former midday host was raking in a whopping $15 million annual salary from the network- a massive sum that now stands to be spent productively on new journalistic work.

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