‘You’re A Little Whitey, Aren’t You?’: Antifa Directs Traffic With Profane Threats

Antifa in Portland was clearly in control of some traffic routes in the Oregon city on October 6, the day of the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation.

Antifa traffic cops threatened drivers, including a man from North Carolina who was told to go home because the “KKK” was not needed in Portland. The man was called “whitey” and a “white supremacist” because he was from North Carolina, but he maintained an amused composure.

“You’re a little whitey, aren’t you?” said one of the Antifa persons.

Another woman shouted at Antifa, “You don’t pay my bills, so shut up.”

One of the Antifa agitators slapped a person’s car as it drove by. A source identified representatives from the George Soros-funded National Lawyers Guild present in the crowd to legally protect the Antifa agitators.

Big League Politics has been reporting on the Antifa violence surrounding a group of radical extremists in North Carolina and Virginia:

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