YouTube Caves to ADL, Removes Top Right-Wing Channels with No Terms of Service Violations

In compliance with a recent directive from the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), YouTube removed several prominent right-wing video channels today without outlining any specific terms of service violations.

The ADL has been leading the charge to remove right-wing content from the Google-owned platform, as they continue their efforts in lobbying Big Tech into enacting the Orwellian nightmare.

Just 11 days later after the ADL blog was published, the YouTube accounts belonging to video blogger James Allsup and anti-illegal immigration blog VDare were removed without warning.

The other video channels on the list may be next on the chopping block, as the unprecedented crackdown against digital free speech hastens at the behest of the ADL’s self-appointed truth commission.

“Despite having zero channel strikes and zero rules violations my channel, the business I had built was destroyed,” Allsup said to Big League Politics.

“I have been targeted by the ADL, which listed me on a hit list of channels they wanted banned. Their operatives have been publicly calling for me to be banned. Today they got their wish,” he added.

VDare, which is currently getting lambasted by the fake news media after one of their posts were shared in a Department of Justice email last week, announced that they were banned from YouTube today on Twitter.

The ADL is a rapidly leftist organization that brags publicly about how it works with tech giants to facilitate Big Brother censorship.

“We work with Google on using AI to try and interrupt cyber-hate before it happens,” said Jonathan A. Greenblatt, Chief Executive Officer and National Director of the ADL, about his organization’s trailblazing work in the field of digital pre-crime.

“We work with YouTube to get them to change their algorithms so it lessens the likelihood that a young person is going to run into some of these anti-Semitic conspiratorial videos,” he added.

It was recently revealed that Google is plotting to manipulate the next presidential election in 2020 to remove Donald Trump from office. Through their agitating, the ADL helps foster the culture of extreme partisanship and hostility toward freedom of expression within the tech monopolies.

“There is a gap in the legal regime. There are techniques that extremists have used online to terrorize Jews and other people like doxing, and swatting and different forms of cyberbullying that are not covered by existing laws and need to be,” Greenblatt said.

The ADL is working to demonize content creators who do not adhere to their leftist political agenda until legislators “catch up and fill some of the gaps” with anti-constitutional legislation at the federal level.

No content creator on the Right is safe until measures are taken, such as revoking special immunity privileges under Section 230 of the Communication Decency Act, to these corporations that are intent on killing freedom of speech in the new public square.

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