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YouTube Removes Young Conservative’s Reaction To Tucker Carlson’s Interview With Shooting Hero



Ashton Birdie Whitty, a conservative from Berkeley, California, posted a video of Fox News’ Tucker Carlson interviewing a student who said that CNN scripted questions for their town hall debate on gun violence.

Whitty posted and commented on Carlson’s interview with Colton Haab, a hero who saved lives during the horrific shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida.

“Well Youtube removed my video. Claiming I was bullying,” Whitty told Big League Politics.

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“The entire video was nothing more than my own commentary and reaction to Tucker Carlson’s interview. And the basis of my video was ‘These kids are not actors but CNN is using them to push their own political bias,'” Whitty said, referring to some Parkland students who have spoken out in favor of gun control. “I even made sure to say these kids aren’t actors.”

“Tucker Carlson’s interview was proof that while CNN may not be hiring actors, they are certainly picking and choosing who to represent the tragedy that was the Parkland Florida shooting,” Whitty continued. “They were using scripted questions as Colton Haab said in his interview. I think this only proves that CNN cares little about how to protect these students and more so about their own political agenda. They have gone out of their way to make a few number of students famous while silencing the ones with a different perspective. It’s frustrating as someone who has seen this on college campuses (UC Berkeley for example) to see this in high schools — especially after tragedy.”

“I was only commenting on Tucker Carlson’s interview. I was in no way targeting any group of people. I was commenting on CNN, a corporation, for using these kids’ faces and voices to push their own agenda,” Whitty said.

“And it’s also essential to point out I’m now being censored for saying this, for speaking out against a corporation for using these kids,” Whitty concluded.

Fox News’ version of the interview is still active on Youtube:

Big League Politics’ Luke Rohlfing reported:

Colton Haab, a member of the Junior ROTC program at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School saved lived during last week’s shooting that left 17 people dead. But when he had questions for CNN’s Town Hall with lawmakers about the shooting, CNN refused to let him ask the question, and instead gave him a scripted question. Haab refused to attend the Town Hall for that reason.

During the shooting, when most students were running for cover, Haab jumped into action. Once he assessed the situation and realized what was going on, he began gathering students into a classroom, and he covered them in Kevlar mats that can both hide the students, and slow bullets if shot. Kevlar is a soft material often used in bullet proof vests.

Haab’s actions were heroic, and likely saved lives that day. But despite his heroism, CNN still refused to give him a chance to say what he wanted, and instead wanted to force him read a scripted question.

Rohlfing’s excerpt ends.

In the interest of full disclosure, I, Patrick Howley, worked for Tucker Carlson for years at The Daily Caller. He is an honorable man and an intrepid journalist with an unflagging regard for the truth. For his employees over the years, his show is the primetime TV realization of the amazing potential we saw every day in the office at our treasured editorial meetings. Censorship of his fans and of content featuring Carlson raises questions about the role of moderators on modern social media.


Campaign 2020

Romney, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski Emerge as Republican Red Flags in Potential SCOTUS Confirmation

They say they’ll vote ‘No.’



Republican Senators Mitt Romney of Utah, Susan Collins of Maine, and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska have emerged as early ‘red flags’ in the push to appoint a new Supreme Court justice, with the latter two senators having spoken openly of their refusal to vote for a new justice in the runup to a presidential election. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg died on Friday, opening up a vacancy on the court.

Collins allegedly told a New York Times reporter that she wouldn’t vote for a new SCOTUS justice in ‘October’ earlier this month.

Murkowski told a reporter with Alaska Public Media that she wouldn’t vote for a new justice before the election, either.

Reports emerged on Friday night that Romney would decline to vote for a court confirmation as well, although they’re yet to be verified.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is pledging to hold confirmation proceedings for a potential Trump Supreme Court nominee, suggesting that a nominee would receive a Senate floor vote before the election. He distinguished between the 2016 blocked nomination of Merrick Garland and the vacancy that arose from the death of Ginsberg, pointing out that a Republican President would be nominating a justice for confirmation through a Republican Senate.

It may be possible to confirm a new SCOTUS justice without the votes of the three-liberally inclined Senate Republicans, as a justice can be confirmed with 50 votes and a vice presidential tiebreaker. Other Republican Senators under the pressure of an ongoing campaign, such as Arizona’s Martha McSally, spoke in favor of the Senate having a floor vote on a tentative Trump administration SCOTUS nominee.

This could be the most heated Supreme Court confirmation process in history, and some the Senate Republican’s members have already confirmed they’re not standing with conservatives.

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