Activists Hold Free Tommy Robinson Protest At Chicago’s British Consulate

Pro-free speech activists hosted a Free Tommy Robinson protest in front of the British Consulate in Chicago, IL on Saturday.

The group, consisting of Proud Boys and other conservative activists from Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, and Wisconsin was calling on Consulate General┬áJohn D. Saville to call for British journalist and free speech advocate Tommy Robinson to be freed. Robinson was arrested last month for filming on a public street outside of a Court House, reporting on members of an alleged grooming gang. “Grooming gang” is a PC term for child sex trafficking gang, and they are often covered up due to the large amount of Muslim participants.

The official reason for Robinson’s arrest was breaching the peace, but he was later charged with contempt of court for allegedly biasing the jury. This is a charge that does not exist in the United States, and is egregious to any free speech supporter.

Activists in Chicago were shining a light on this, and according to those in attendance there was a lot of passing support during their three hour protest, which ended with a march to nearby Trump Tower. Consulate General John D. Saville was attempted to be contacted by activists in attendance, but their messages were not returned.

Those in attendance stood up for journalistic integrity, and the right to free speech.

“Journalistic integrity is going down the drain in the US,” Thomas from Chicago stated. “It’s important to stand up for free speech, and independent journalists even in other countries.”

Others were concerned about the fact that Robinson was taken from his family for simply trying to report on a trial that is of the public’s interest.

Mike, an activist from Kentucky stated, “It’s a shame the court has taken him from his family and children for simply reporting on the sentencing of criminals the public never would have heard about.”

This protest in Chicago is just one of many protests that have occurred nationwide, including across Britain, Washington, D.C., and New York City.

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