After Public Pressure, Ron DeSantis Flips and Removes Florida From ‘ERIC’ Voter Roll Manipulation System

Following a public pressure campaign, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has flip-flopped and removed his state from the far-left Soros-funded Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC).

“As Secretary of State, I have an obligation to protect the personal information of Florida’s citizens, which the ERIC agreement requires us to share,” said Florida secretary of state Cord Byrd in a press release on Monday. “Florida has tried to back reforms to increase protections, but these protections were refused. Therefore, we have lost confidence in ERIC.”

Florida joined the states of West Virginia and Missouri in terminating their memberships in ERIC, following the lead of Alabama and Louisiana in doing so. Previously, the DeSantis administration had defended their ties with ERIC and made excuses for their participation in the far-left voter roll manipulation system.

According a report from the American Policy Center, Florida secretary of state Cord Byrd told election integrity activists during a private meeting that “Florida loves ERIC,” and their concerns could be discounted because they use ERIC “a little differently” than other states. However, research by the Florida Republican Assembly and The People’s Audit, two prominent election integrity organizations in Florida, demonstrated that the administration of ERIC in Florida is no less harmful than its usage anywhere else.

Those organizations found over a half million bad or “undeliverable” addresses that were on the voter rolls in Florida due to ERIC’s malfeasance. Additionally, it was found that the bad addresses on the rolls caused the undeliverable mail to pile up in unsecured storage facilities, opening up additional avenues for voter fraud and wasting taxpayer money.

Big League Politics has reported on DeSantis’ weak record on election integrity issues:

In 2021, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced he was creating an Office of Election Crimes and Security to stop Democrat voter fraud in his state.

“We are excited to say that next legislative session we are proposing another package of election integrity reforms that will make Florida the number one state for elections,” DeSantis said in Nov. 2021 after the announcement of the new office.

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