‘America First’ Host Nick Fuentes Makes Cameo At Senate Impeachment Trial

As the phony and unconstitutional impeachment trial continues to drag out, we are reminded that the political establishment will do anything to crush and defame Donald Trump alongside anyone who ever supported him. We are in the midst of a color revolution, and the swamp from both sides of the aisle are beginning to clean house. Remember, at least 74 million Americans voted to re-elect President Trump.

However, millions of Americans are being displaced and persecuted across our nation simply for supporting Trump, and those who went to the Capitol on January 6th to demand integrity and transparency in our elections have been deemed ‘domestic terrorists’ by the same people who supposedly seek unity. One pro-Trump commentator, Nicholas J. Fuentes, has been repeatedly ostracized and shunned by both the Democratic and Republican Establishment.

Interestingly enough, a video clip of Fuentes at the ‘Million MAGA March #2’ rally in Washington D.C. was displayed as evidence against Trump in his impeachment trial on Wednesday. A clip from the trial can be seen in the video below:


The Congresswoman on the floor defaming both Fuentes and Trump is Stacey Plaskett, a Delegate from the Virgin Islands, a non-state territory of the United States. Plaskett, who spent much of her speaking time declaring that conservatives were terrorists, is a former associate of Jeffrey Epstein and even reportedly took money from the deceased pedophile in exchange for allowing Epstein to sex traffic children within her district.

Plaskett claims that Fuentes was spewing violent rhetoric and advocating for the destruction of other people, but anyone with common sense knows that isn’t the case. Clearly when Fuentes asserts the line, “Destroy the GOP!”, he is talking about tearing down and primarying the Republican establishment that turned their backs on Trump and refused to stick up for the President or take a stand against voter fraud. After all, this speech was given at a ‘Stop the Steal’ rally with the purpose of uniting conservatives to demand voter integrity.

Fuentes would later that evening respond to the defamation against him on his nightly talk show ‘America First with Nicholas J. Fuentes’. A clip of Nick’s show was later uploaded to Twitter by prominent America First social media influencer ‘Michigan Zoomer’. The tweet can be seen below:


In the clip, Fuentes claims that the only reason footage of his December 12th speech was displayed at the senate impeachment trial was to attempt to sway establishment Republicans into votingĀ  to convict Former President Trump. While this would be a brilliant yet deceitful tactic by the Democrats if pulled off, it is still unlikely that they will flip enough Republicans to achieve a 2/3 vote in favor of conviction.

Fuentes was a major supporter of President Trump, both before and after the election, and even organized a number of rallies, including one in Michigan and one in Pennsylvania. Fuentes also attended a number of other ‘Stop the Steal’ rallies, including both ‘Million MAGA March’ rallies in Washington D.C. and the infamous January 6th Capitol rally. While many publications originally reported that Fuentes had stormed the Capitol, these reports turned out to be false and Fuentes was able to supply proof that he in fact never even came close to entering the building. Another prominent Twitter influencer, ‘Nuance Bro’ joked about the irony of Fuentes “entering the Capitol” albeit in video form.

While Fuentes continues to be attacked by both Republicans and Democrats, these attacks only seem to make him stronger. Last year the young streamer was terminated from YouTube and more recently from the livestream service DLive. Despite these setbacks, his audience continues to grow and he now streams directly from his own website. While it is unlikely that the Democrats will be able to flip enough Republicans for a 2/3 vote, it remains clear they wish to completely silence our former president and destroy any remaining Trump loyalists, such as Nick Fuentes.

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