Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar Endorses Florida Congressional Candidate Anthony Sabatini

Florida congressional candidate Anthony Sabatini received a big endorsement on August 30, 2021 from Arizona congressman Paul Gosar.

Gosar announced, “I am proud to give my support to Anthony.  We need more America First fighters in Congress.   Anthony is a proven soldier in the war to save America. Please support him any way you can.”

Sabatini then posted, “BREAKING: Congressman @DrPaulGosar has officially endorsed my campaign for Congress! @RepGosar is one of the MOST based conservatives in Congress & a staunch supporter of the #AmericaFirst agenda Support my campaign here

Gosar has been one of the strongest America First patriots in the US House. Gosar is a devout immigration patriot and supporter of the Second Amendment. For example, pro-immigration restriction organization NumbersUSA gave him a 99% Career Grade since he was elected to Congress in 2010. Similarly, Gosar enjoys an A+ rating for no compromise organization Gun Owners of America. 

BLP has previously covered Sabatini’s solid stances on regulating Big Tech, supporting the Second Amendment, and throwing his weight behind an immigration moratorium. Gosar’s endorsement shows that Sabatini is the real deal as far as nationalist candidates are concerned. A staunch nationalist like Gosar is not just throwing his endorsements around like nothing. He recognizes nationalist talent when he sees it.

Sabatini will need all the support possible in winning his race for Florida’s 7th congressional district in the 2022 midterms. Acquiring Gosar’s endorsement represents a good start.

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