Home of Trump Impeachment Lawyer Michael van der Veen Targeted & Vandalized

Things do not seem to be calming down at all for the Republic, despite the supposed ‘Return to Normalcy’ promised to us by the Biden administration and mainstream media.

An unconstitutional attempt was made to impeach and convict a private citizen who no longer holds private office, and they failed. Big League Politics earlier today covered Former President Trump’s acquittal in the senate along with the official statement Trump delivered via his Office of the Former President.

Well the clearly the Democratic plan to avenge the great upset of 2016 is everchanging and they are perpetually at war with Trump until he, and all of his supporters, are completely destroyed. It comes of no shock to anyone now that they’re targeting Trump’s legal team. A local news station out of Philadelphia just recently broke a story Saturday evening that the home of Trump lawyer Michael van der Veen had been besieged and vandalized.

CBS Philly reports that the Philadelphia home of Trump defense attorney Michael van der Veen, one of the attorneys defending Trump in his recent senate conviction trial, had been vandalized with the word ‘TRAITOR’ spray painted across his driveway. Detective Scott Pezick of the West Whiteland Township Police Department said that the driveway graffiti was first reported around 8pm on Friday night. According to Pezick, no arrests have been made yet, and van der Veen’s house now has private security to keep a close eye on potential future vandals. Pezick also made it clear that they would be keeping a police presence in the area in order to deter any ensuing vandalism.

Video coverage of Michael van der Veen’s driveway courtesy of CBS Philly can be found below:

Legal analyst and law professor Jonathan Turley said on Twitter that the attack was “right on cue” and “fueled by the language of many members of the media”. Turley previously came out in support of Trump, saying that you cannot constitutionally impeach a private citizen who does not hold public office.

Ironically, earlier today, van der Veen issued a statement on behalf of the Trump legal team, saying “We’re going to Disney World!” as celebration for Trumps acquittal.

One can only wonder if van der Veen still feels comfortable taking a quick trip down to Orlando, knowing that his house has now become a target for political opponents. Regardless of if Michael van der Veen continues to receive harassment or not, one thing is for sure, Donald Trump’s haters are not going to stop until they feel that he and his team have been completely destroyed and are removed from the political arena. They’ve failed with impeachment twice now, and in that failure, they’ve also sent a message to anyone willing to defend Trump, even in a legal manner: You are in the crosshairs now. We also know now that Democrats are looking at a potential 14th Amendment case in order to prevent Trump from ever running for public office every again. 57 senators voted to convict the former president, they would need only 51 in order to bar him using the 14th Amendment.

These repeated attempts to prevent Trump from running for President in 2024 begs only one important question: If the Democrats are so confident that Joe Biden defeated Trump in a ‘free and fair’ landslide, why are they so scared of seeing Trump return to the ballot?

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