CLERICAL ‘ERROR’? Ex-Bush Employee Killed Monument Bill

George P. Bush, the former boss of Jeffrey Miller, has repeatedly pledged to tear down the Alamo Cenotaph (“empty tomb”), as seen in his own Alamo Master plan, and before the Senate Finance Committee, where he refused to commit to a future that did not involve relocating the fragile monument.

If the old refrain, “personnel is policy” still carries any weight, the legislature is still owned and operated by the Bush milieu. Miller openly supports the Bush wing of the Republican Party, and he’s proud of it.

Here is a photo of Miller posing with George P. Bush:

And, here’s Miller again, this time working to elect Jeb! (Please clap):

According to sources, Miller killed HB 583, the final form of the monuments protection law that aimed to protect the fragile, memorial Alamo Cenotaph (“empty tomb”) as well as other significant pieces of Texas history.

He did so by prolonging the amount of time the bill was in his office, rather than in front of the Texas House Calendars Committee, which received the bill only after 3 days, a conspicuously long amount of time abnormal for bills of this nature.

According to a source close to the Texas General Land Office (GLO), Miller may have pulled an inside job for Bush by serving as clerk — a huge step down financially and influence-wise for the young buck — onĀ  the committee where his Alamo plan was most under fire the previous session.

Personnel records show that Bush made at least 40 external hires between November 2014 and July 2015, but listed only four of those with the Workforce Commission. The average salary for those four jobs was about $65,000. The average salary for the 36 jobs that were not posted was about $90,000.

Translation: Miller did not stand to gain from leaving the GLO. Why did he, then?

Such an inside connect would enable Bush to use the paper shuffle to influence the outcome of key legislation potentially affecting his unethical financial dealings and plans to “relocate” the marble Cenotaph — an act which all engineers allege will destroy the precious state monument.

That’s exactly what our sources have concluded. “It was the Culture, Tourism and Arts committee clerk, Jeff Miller, who worked for George P. at the GLO before he moved to the legislature. Miller took 3 days to get the report to Calendars so they could vote on it. That limited the time folks could work the Calendars Committee to get it out and to the floor,” our source stated.

See, images below indicating time spent in each career position prior to becoming a “clerk” in the oddly policy-specific House committee:

Similar statements about HB 583’s fate were made by Rep. Metcalf to BLP yesterday, May 20, 2019:

I am a believer in historical preservation. We have to maintain our history so that we don’t forget where we came from.

I supported both House Bill 583 and its Senate Companion, Senate Bill 1663. I was disappointed that neither made the House Calendar. Unfortunately both bills made it to the Calendars Committee very late in the process when members are being pulled in many different directions, and I am only one of eleven voices. I look forward to supporting similar legislation in future Sessions so that we may protect our history so future generations know the costs, good and bad, borne by those who came before us. (Emphasis Added)

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