CNN Cancels Interview With Pro-Gun Student For ‘Fake News’ Re-Tweet

Following the shooting in Parkland, a number of students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School began demanding gun control. With the help of billionaire-funded gun control groups, they are hosting a march in Washington, D.C. this Saturday.

But while most of the vocal students are anti-gun, Kyle Kashuv, a student survivor of the Parkland shooting has taken a pro-gun stance. This has resulted in him being attacked by his fellow students, and the national news media, which has largely ignored.

After being pressured over biased coverage, CNN chose to have Kashuv on for an interview. But despite agreeing to interview him, CNN chose to cancel the interview, citing a Tweet that Kashuv shared that referred to CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin as a ‘Fake News Hypocrite.”

After sharing that Tweet to his followers with the text “Can’t wait to be on Brooke’s show tomorrow!” Kashuv stated that a friend of his was contacted by CNN to cancel his interview.

CNN is clearly afraid to hear the other side of the debate. They don’t want to do anything that could destroy their smoke and mirrors illusion that every student is demanding gun control.

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