Democrat Congressman Creates ‘Dave Portnoy Bill’ To Protect Union Thuggery After Barstool Sports Refuses to Unionize

The attacks on Barstool Sports by liberals never seem to end.

After Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy got the Twitter verse chattering when he decided to go toe-to-toe with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez over unionization, the sports website founder could now find himself potentially having to fend off civil suits..

Well, that’s if Congressman Josh Harder has his way.

The pro-Big Labor bill, the “Protecting the Right to Organize Act” (PRO ACT),  would effectively repeal right-to-work laws across the nation and penalize workers for not paying union dues, even in the case that the individual refuses to join the union. In essence, this bill gives unions the power to force workers to pay dues or risk getting fired if they refuse to do so.

But Harder’s amendment wants to take it a step further.

Under his amendment, “unfair labor practices” such as threatening to fire employees who support unionization, would be subject to civil penalties.

Harder’s amendment specifically cited Portnoy’s previous threat to fire employees who talked to the media or considered unionizing a month ago.

Portnoy has undergone increased scrutiny since his previous exchange regarding unionization.

In an NBC piece that tied Barstool Sports with toxic masculinity, Marie Hardin, the dean of Penn State’s college of Communications, declared that “Conservative ideology appears to be a core part of Barstool Sports — especially its portrayal of gender roles, with hypermasculine, sports-loving men and hypersexualized, submissive women. The site’s reinforcement of conservative American values is what makes its content stand out from its competitors.”

It’s clear that Barstool Sports is in the politically correct Left’s crosshairs.

The smear work on social media is done, and now the Left is ready to put the legislative clamps on the sports website and its outspoken founder.


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