Fake News Media Begs Trump for Martial Law Lock Down Over Coronavirus: ‘Do It!’

The fake news media, and the rest of the organized Left, are using the coronavirus panic to increase the size and scope of government at every level. Big League Politics has reported on liberal city officials using coronavirus fears as an excuse to usurp the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution and let dangerous criminals and illegal aliens loose on the streets.

One fake news merchant has taken advocacy for tyranny to another level. He published an op/ed in The Hill on Thursday urging President Donald Trump to enact full-blown martial law to defeat the coronavirus pandemic.

“In a totalitarian society like China, this was possible. For weeks, no one was allowed in and out of the city except for deliveries. People were confined to their homes. After making many awful mistakes, the Chinese government pivoted, quarantined the region and then enforced these rules with a heavy hand. You can argue with their tactics, but you can’t argue with their results. It worked. Which is why I say to President Trump: Shut us down, sir. Please, just shut us down,” wrote columnist Gene Marks, whose work regularly appears in the Washington Post.

“I mean the whole country. Not just New York or San Francisco, but Louisville, Denver, Harrisburg, Clearwater and Madison. Every small town, whether there’s a case or not. I’m talking martial law. Do it. You said you’re now a “wartime president.” So act like one,” he added.

Marks wants “fines and jail time” to anyone who does not comply with quarantine mandates. He wants military jackboots “patrolling the streets” constantly to enforce the lock down. He claims he wants this because he is a small business owner.

“I ask you to do this because I’m a small business owner. What we’re doing right now is not helping the economy. By imposing a strict national quarantine, the effects for my business – and the economy overall – would be very, very positive,” he wrote.

In actuality, the government lock down is killing small businesses around the country while mega tycoons on Wall Street are bailed out to the tune of trillions. Nevertheless, Marks argues that the coronavirus shut down helps the little guy.

“Without a definitive eradication, businesses – especially small businesses – are going to continue to suffer widely in the months to come. Many of them will fail because of it,” he wrote.

“But not if we have an enforced, draconian, serious nationwide shutdown. With that, every business, except the most essential, closes their doors. And we wait it out,” he added.

He says that the only humane thing to do to help small businesses is for Trump to enact full martial law right now. After that, everything will be fine in a few weeks and Americans’ lost liberties will all be restored, according to his fairy tale.

“So please, Mr. President, just shut us down already. The whole country. We can take it. We’re behind you. Because we know that the long-term economic impact – particularly on the country’s 30 million small businesses – will be much, much less severe than if we deal with this problem haphazardly, as we’re doing now,” Marks concluded. “It’s not the virus that’s killing us. It’s the prolonged uncertainty.”

Marks may get what he’s advocating for in no time, as the National Guard takes the streets in larger numbers. The coronavirus pandemic is tearing at the fabric of America and constitutional normalcy may never return.

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