Freaks, Hippies, Weirdos, Twerps, Misfits & Not Much Diversity: ANTIFA Unmasked is No Pretty Sight!

ANTIFA domestic terrorism has been sweeping the country throughout the summer, particularly in the Pacific Northwest, as usually masked assailants attack journalists, patriots, children and anyone who stands in the way of their extremist, anti-American agenda.

However, once they are apprehended and unmasked, they are not all that scary. A recent series of mug shots of ANTIFA members shows that they are a rather non-diverse group of losers that one might expect to see panhandling on a street corner or attending an annual event of Burning Man.

While ANTIFA members may be laughable, their coordinated acts of violence certainly are not. Journalist Andy Ngo suffered a brain bleed after he was hit in the head with a milkshake believed to contain quick-dry concrete, and dozens more have been viciously injured by this terror group in gang assaults.

ANTIFA held a memorial service for Willem Van Spronsen, a far-left extremist who attacked an ICE detention facility in Tacoma, WA in July. Van Spronsen was gunned down before he could hurt anyone. He was a member of the John Brown Gun Club, profiled positively by CNN, and used his training to brandish a rifle and hurl Molotov cocktails to devastate federal law enforcement.

ANTIFA’s terror ideology has even resulted in the deaths of innocent people. Mass shooter Connor Betts, who murdered nine people in Dayton, OH earlier this month, was radicalized on social media by ANTIFA accounts that Big Tech entities allow to persist on their networks. Betts once attended a counter-protest that was organized by ANTIFA leaders brandishing a firearm in opposition to a small Ku Klux Klan rally.


The Oath Keepers have sent out a national call to action to protect ICE officials from their upcoming demonstration scheduled to take place from Sept. 1-10 in El Paso, TX where the terror group will attempt a siege against federal border enforcement.

The Oath Keepers wrote: “The radical left has increasingly targeted ICE and CBP (Customs and Border Protection) personnel nationwide for harassment, doxing (publishing names and home addresses), threats, and actual violence (two armed terrorist attacks so far).”

“Leftist propaganda, liberal mainstream media, and even members of Congress have declared any and all ICE and CBP immigration detention/processing facilities to be ‘concentration camps’ and routinely call ICE and CBP personnel ‘Nazis’ or ‘fascists’ as the left tries to label the entire Trump Administration ‘white nationalist/white supremacist.’ That demonizing and hatred has most recently focused on El Paso, TX with leftists from across the nation planning on converging there Sept. 1-10,” they added.

While ANTIFA may look comical, their actions certainly are not. It has come time for President Donald Trump to name them as a terrorist organization on a federal level so their leaders and funders can be brought to justice.

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