FREEDOM RISING: Large Anti-Scamdemic Protests Spring Up in Germany, UK, Netherlands

Protests against the scamdemic are going on throughout the world, with thousands gathering in the streets of Germany, Britain, and the Netherlands to resist mask mandates and other overreach resulting from COVID-19 mass hysteria.

The protest in Berlin may be the largest of the ones taking place throughout the weekend:

Protestors at the rally chanted: “We’re here and we’re loud, because we are being robbed of our freedom!”

According to a Time Magazine report, signs at the protest included “Corona, false alarm,” “We are being forced to wear a muzzle,” “Natural defense instead of vaccination” and “We are the second wave.”

Law enforcement estimated that 17,000 people showed up to the rally. The cops used bullhorns in an attempt to shame attendees into complying with mask and social distancing mandates, but the protestors simply ignored them. German liberals are up in arms at the protestors’ unwillingness to submit.

“Thousands of #covidiots are celebrating themselves in Berlin as ‘the second wave,’ without distancing, without masks,” tweeted Saskia Esken, a co-leader of the Social Democrats, the junior party in Germany’s governing coalition.

“They are not just endangering our health, they are endangering our success against the pandemic and for the revival of the economy, education and society. Irresponsible!”

Protestors in the UK and Netherlands also held similar demonstrations, bringing out thousands more to the streets against the scamdemic:

The protest movement against the scamdemic has taken off after a viral video regarding the healing qualities of hydroxychloroquine exploded in popularity and then was immediately censored by Big Tech, the fake news media, and the globalist establishment.

Big League Politics reported on how the censorship began immediately after President Trump and his son publicized the video:

President Donald Trump and his son, Donald Trump Jr., are being censored for sharing information about hydrocloroquine, a popular and effective treatment for the COVID-19 Chinavirus.

The establishment is desperate to censor a video presented by Breitbart of courageous medical doctors holding a press conference giving the facts on how hydrocloroquine can be used to successfully treat COVID-19. Youtube and Facebook have also reportedly blocked the video. The fake news continues to promote the lie that the use of hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19 is unproven.

They are ignoring the many anecdotal cases of individuals who have been cured of coronavirus, including a Democrat state representative from Michigan who credits hydroxychloroquine with the miraculous recovery of she and her husband.

“Had you not brought this to the forefront … I wouldn’t be here today even having this conversation with you and being able to talk about the needs of Detroit,” said Rep. Karen Whitsett of Detroit while meeting with President Trump in the White House.

Big League Politics has also reported on how data that was used to demonize hydroxychloroquine was shown to be false and the study was retracted…

Big League Politics has reported about the study conducted by medical professionals at the Henry Ford Health System showing that hydroxychloroquine lowers the COVID-19 death rate as well.

Even after months of wall-to-wall propaganda, people are still refusing to buy into the scamdemic. The resistance will need to escalate in order to stop the frenzied push for experimental vaccines from the likes of technocratic oligarch Bill Gates and Mengelean monster Dr. Anthony Fauci.

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