GOP Establishment and Fake News Media Get Slapped in the Face After America First Marjorie Greene Wins Her Primary

On August 11, 2020, businesswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene defeated neurosurgeon Dr. John Cowan in the Republican primary runoff for Georgia’s 14th district.

With this win under her belt, Greene will likely coast to victory in the general election given how President Donald Trump in 2016 and Governor Brian Kemp in 2018 took the district with 75 percent of the vote, according to a report from Business Insider.

Greene and Cowan were the top two candidates in the June primary, gathering 40 percent and 21 percent of the vote respectively. They ran to replace the outgoing congressman Tom Graves. The race went to a runoff because neither candidate earned over 50 percent of the vote in the Georgia primaries.

Both candidates went after each other throughout this primary.

Greene questioned Cowan’s conservative credentials by labeling him spineless on the issue of preserving American history at U.S. military bases. Cowan, on the other hand, attacked Greene for first running for office in Georgia’s 6th district, which is situated in the Atlanta suburbs. Cowan falsely accused Greene of facilitating illegal immigration by not using E-Verify, which she refuted in a follow-up ad.

Cowan also said on Politico that it was critical to defeat Greene because she allegedly gives the GOP a bad image. He proclaimed, “She deserves a YouTube channel, not a seat in Congress. She’s a circus act.”

Nevertheless, voters in Georgia’s 14 district came to their senses and pulled the lever for Greene — the America First candidate.

She tweeted on the night of her election victory:

The GOP establishment, the media, & the radical left, spent months & millions of dollars attacking me. Tonight the people of Georgia stood up & said that we will not be intimidated or believe those lies I’m excited to be the next Congresswoman of GA 14 God bless America.


Greene’s victory is a body blow to the political establishment. Unlike many empty-suit Republicans, Greene promises to listen to the grassroots. That’s why she has taken on major issues such as the right to bear arms and the right to life.

Rest assured, America First advocates will have a strong champion in Congress now that Greene is a safe bet for this seat.

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