HEROIC: Michelle Malkin Gives Rousing America First Speech at Lock Haven University

Michelle Malkin set the record straight during a speech she gave at Lock Haven University hosted by Young Americans for Freedom.

The focus of her speech was centered around an America First theme, which was heavily promoted in her new book Open Borders Inc.

She declared, “We believe the American homeland is precious.”

The conservative commentator then made sure to distance herself from the notion that “America is an idea.”

“I’m not just talking about abstract credal idea of it, but concrete reality of places & spaces we share from sea to shining sea”, Malkin stated.

This lies in stark contrast to Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk who argues that America is an idea and has remained squishy about patriotic immigration reforms.



Unlike other members of the conservative movement, Malkin put forward a litmus test for the Trump administration.

Every policy, every bill, every action from the Trump WH must pass this litmus test: Does it put Americans First?

She then highlighted that “The people who profit off of Open Borders lie about the math, they demonize those trying to talk about it.”

Malkin is one of the few conservative leaders who understands what’s at stake when discussing immigration policy.

Mass migration has done a number throughout Europe, and there are signs of demographic shift taking place in America that could forever change its politics.

For that reason, America First patriots must be ready to speak the truth about mass migration when no one else is willing to do so.

The political integrity of the historic American nation will ultimately depend on it.

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