Hungary Has Plans to Take On Big Tech Thought Controllers

Hungary has plans to confront Big Tech against censorship efforts against right-wing individuals and organizations. 

Judit Varga, the Justice Minister of Hungary, recently announced that the government of Viktor Orban will not tolerate Big Tech’s attacks on free speech. Hungary is following in the footsteps of Poland, which has proposed legislation that would subject social media giants to fines for arbitrarily removing posts that are not in violation of Polish law. 

Hungary has been especially active on this front in the wake of Big Tech’s massive purge of America First nationalists and of former president Donald Trump in the past month.

“Today anyone can be disconnected from the online space without the possibility of any formal, transparent, fair procedure and legal remedy,” Varga declared.

In addition, Varga claimed that major social media sites “limit the visibility of Christian, conservative, rightwing opinions” and blamed “power groups behind global tech giants” for holding excessive power that could potentially sway elections. Fears of Big Tech influence have become more pronounced in Hungary due to the upcoming parliamentary elections in 2022. Orban has a supermajority of parliamentary support and these elections are shaping up to be the most heated in recent Hungarian history.

There will likely be plenty of outside interference from Big Tech, the liberal interventionist U.S. State Department, and politically correct bureaucrats at the European Union. The EU has been particularly busy lately in cracking down on “the

dissemination of violent far-right or extremist religion-based rhetoric”, according to the Financial Times. Varga described Big Tech’s behavior as “deliberate, ideological” censorship. Varga recently posted on Facebook that she has recently filed a bill to “regulate the domestic operations of large tech companies”.

The Financial Times also detailed Poland’s efforts to check Big Tech:

Poland has already proposed concrete measures to fight against perceived anti-rightwing bias. Users who have had posts removed or their accounts blocked will be able to appeal to a body called the Free Speech Council to have their content reinstated. If social media companies are deemed to have removed posts or blocked accounts that are not illegal and refuse to reinstate them, they could face fines of up to 50m zloty (€11m).

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has positioned Hungary as a bulwark against the onslaught of globalism, mass migration, and degeneracy. BLP previously reported that the Orban government has taken proactive measures to prevent Black Lives Matter degeneracy and the exportation of American cultural problems to prevent it from being destabilized.

 Big Tech’s overreach is beginning to provoke an international reaction. BLP noted that Russia has condemned Big Tech’s censorship of thousands of Americans, while Poland has made efforts to check these companies’ power.

Countries are beginning to recognize how imperialistic corporate America is becoming. In response, nationalist governments are taking proactive measures to re-assert national sovereignty against transnational corporate entities that could potentially threaten their political stability.

 Given the U.S.’s fanatic foreign policy of spreading its values abroad, Hungary could be facing a potential color revolution in the near future.

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