Illegal Alien who Worked as Election Canvasser Booked for Attempted Murder After Drive By Shooting

An illegal alien living in Maryland was arrested and booked for attempted murder after a drive-by shooting last week.

Darwin Reinaldy Cruz-Rosa, 20, was charged with “attempted second-degree murder, first-degree assault and reckless endangerment, among other criminal charges,” according to ABC7, which described the event as “an assassination-style shooting that left a man badly injured.”

Not only was Cruz-Rosa an illegal alien from El Salvador, but he also worked for as an election canvasser for CASA, a group which describes itself as the “largest electoral organization fighting for immigrant rights.”

According to the report, the group confirmed that Cruz-Rosa had indeed worked for them.

“Mr. Cruz-Rosa worked very briefly last September for CASA’s sister organization CASA in Action. He was terminated for poor performance after less than 31 days of canvassing work,” a spokesperson for the group told ABC7.

CASA offered its “sincerest condolences” to the victim’s family.

The report said that Montgomery County, Maryland has given CASA more than $600,000 in grant money during the 2019 fiscal year.

The brutal attack on the victim occurred as he was walking home. He was shot in the neck outside his house, and bullets continued to fly through his kitchen window as he ran inside and locked himself inside. The victim also recounted for detectives that the shooter attempted to enter his home, noting that he heard his locked doorknob being wiggled from the outside.

“According to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Cruz-Rosa was born in El Salvador, and illegally immigrated to the U.S.,” the report said.

In 2006, a federal immigration judge ordered Cruz-Rosa’s deportation. He did not comply with the order, and never left the country. ICE has placed a detainer on him for deportation after his criminal proceedings are finished.

Yet another crime, allegedly committed by an illegal alien, rocked an American community while gridlock in Washington, D.C. persists on the subject of border security.

BLP reported:

President Donald J. Trump has declared a national state of emergency, for which several heavily-blue states immediately sued his administration. Democrats refuse to budge on the issue, unwilling to secure America’s borders. As illegal border crossings surge, they blocked a meaningful amount of wall funding in the 2019 federal budget.

In what many conservatives see as a colossal failure, the Republican Congress, led by former Speaker Paul Ryan, current Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, failed to deliver wall funding to the president’s desk during all of 2017 and 2018, when Republicans held the House, the Senate, and the White House.

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