INTERVIEW: Roger Stone On Election Eve…What Will Happen If Democrats Win?

Roger Stone

Speaking exclusively with Big League Politics, veteran political operative, and self-described “dirty trickster” Roger Stone made it clear what he believes will happen if Democrats take back the House of Representatives on Tuesday.

He believes that the as soon as they take the House, Democrats will file articles of impeachment against President Trump. While one might think Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russia collusion during the 2016 election would be the basis, Stone believes it will be sexual assault allegations against Trump.

“Although the Democrats are trying to hide it today there is no doubt whatsoever that they will file articles of impeachment against the president,” Stone told Big League Politics. “Probably on the basis of the 19 women who came forward during the 2016 campaign and accuse Trump of sexual assault. Because the Russian collusion argument won’t work due to a complete lack of any evidence they are going to do a full Kavanaugh on Trump.”

Stone has talked about this belief in the past, calling the attempts to block the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh a “dress rehearsal” for impeachment hearings against President Donald Trump.

This belief comes from the similar sexual assault claims that Trump had levied against him during the 2016 election. None of them had any real corroboration, or evidence, which was enough to vindicate him at the time.

But using the same standard used against Kavanaugh, these accusers would be paraded around by the national news media as “survivors” who must be believed, as touched upon by Stone.

“It won’t matter that none of his accusers have any corroboration or eyewitnesses or proof. We will be told that we must believe them because they are survivors,” Stone said.

Stone is currently being targeted by Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel over their belief he was in connection with WikiLeaks prior to their release of Hillary Clinton’s leaked emails. He has spoken in the past about how this targeting has to do with his close connection to President Trump, and his history of exposing the Clinton family for their perceived wrongdoings.

Along with being targeted by Mueller, Stone is facing a lawsuit coming from the Democratic National Committee (DNC), which is a lawsuit Stone believes they will come to regret, stating:

“I have demanded that my lawyers be entitled to examine their computer servers in discovery which has the potential to prove that the DNC was never hacked by the Russians or anyone else and that the embarrassing DNC emails published by Wikileaks were more likely downloaded to a portable drive and taken out the back door.”

But even if he can pull off a trick play on the DNC to prove their emails were never hacked, he will still have major legal fees of up to $2 million.

To help fight the legal assaults he is facing he has a legal defense fund set up, which he says is to “fight this all-powerful jihad against me and the President.”

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