Joe Biden Goes Full Word Salad on CNN Chris Cuomo Appearance

Joe Biden appeared to lost his train of thought at least three times within the span of a few sentences during an appearance with CNN’s Chris Cuomo on Tuesday night, nominally speaking about the Wisconsin Democratic Primary in a manner that was almost impossible to understand.

Watch Biden’s answer to Cuomo’s question about the primary here:

I, you know, but I think that, you know – I think if there’s an election, if there was an election, if people – depending how many showed up, I think I’ll have done well, but who knows.”


Biden’s communication skills have increasingly come under skepticism as the likely Democratic nominee utilizes streaming technology to appear publicly on network and online broadcasts. This isn’t the first time he’s struggled to explain himself while appearing from his Delaware home, appearing to blend together words when speaking about President Trump’s efforts to marshal the necessary supply of facemasks last month.

Leading podcaster Joe Rogan questioned Biden’s mental acuity during an episode of his show last week, stating the the Democratic Party is “making us all morons” on account of Biden’s pending nomination. Rogan has been one of the major national commentators to question Biden’s cohesion on account of the video evidence of frequent and numerous confusing gaffes.

The Democratic frontrunner has forgotten that he’s running for President, thought that he’s campaigning in Vermont while actually in New Hampshire, and confused his wife with his sister during his Super Tuesday victory speech.

Now is the time for the Democratic Party to seriously ask itself if Biden’s mental acuity is at the level required to wage a major Presidential campaign and actually govern from the White House. Whether the DNC elite has the integrity to sincerely inquire about the matter is another question entirely.

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