Kansas State University Kicks Student Jaden McNeil Out of Public Zoom Meeting For Asking If White Lives Mattered

Kansas State University student and conservative activist Jaden McNeil was booted out of a public Zoom meeting held by the university’s Diversity and Inclusion program for daring to ask if white lives mattered.

KSU also livestreamed the meeting on YouTube, but curiously enough the video has now been set to “private.”

In response to the livestream, the Kansas State Democrats slurred McNeil as a purveyor of “white supremacist ideals” and renewed their call for him to be expelled, even though KSU cannot expel him because of its nature as a public university.

McNeil retorted, “You’re not allowed to say ‘White lives matter’ without them attacking you as a white supremacist and calling for you to be expelled. I thought college was supposed to be about the free exchange of ideas? Guess not!”

Big League Politics has covered the rise of McNeil as a young conservative activist. He was previously head of Kansas State University’s Turning Point USA chapter but left the organization due to their hypocrisy and “fair weather conservatism.” He subsequently founded the campus group America First Students, which is a more nationalist, socially conservative alternative to campus organizations such as TPUSA.

McNeil also made headlines and caused left-wing outcry over a joke about George Floyd. There were concerns that KSU administrators would try to expel him, but with the help of conservatives like Michelle Malkin pointing out that they cannot expel a student for First Amendment-protected speech, the issue was laid to rest.

Huge props to McNeil for having the fortitude, politically and personally, to be a vocal right-wing student on his college campus and weather the storms of public backlash and death threats.

And shame on leftist universities for stifling free speech, peddling nonsense like Critical Race Theory and radical feminism, and permitting pro-Antifa and pro-BLM propaganda. They ought to face financial repercussions.

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