LEFTIST MOB: Open Borders Activists Throw Hissy Fit on Capitol Hill

The left seems to think that whoever screams the loudest, and ignores the most facts are right in the immigration debate. Today on Capitol Hill they continued with that strategy, screaming “we care!” while holding “abolish ICE” flyers.

It is unclear who was leading the midday protest, but one must assume they are largely jobless millennials.

This protest was running in tandem with a number of nationwide protests, including in New York and Portland, Oregon. The Portland protest caused an ICE facility to close for multiple days. Federal riot police began arresting protesters today in the hopes of being able to re-open the facility in the next few days.

While there are mixed demands, the one overlying theme is a demand to stop enforcing federal immigration law. President Donald Trump has already stopped separating families at the border, yet these protests continue, citing the now-rescinded policy. It is clear that their goal is simply to open up the border to anybody who wants to cross illegally.

But the American people clearly don’t support these protests. President Trump’s approval rating has only climbed despite the left’s hysteria. His approval rating has even climbed 10 points among Hispanic voters.

Update: 4:42 PM EST

Rep. Pramila Jayapal has been arrested at the protest. Prior to her arrest she was posting about the event on her official Twitter.

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