Liberal Elite Flood Only Beverly Hills Gun Store as Los Angeles Drowned in Tidal Wave of Crime, BLM Riots

The only gun store in Los Angeles’ star-studded Beverly Hills neighborhood is being flooded with an onslaught of business from area residents concerned with crime, riots, and the descent of the area into a climate of anarcho-tyranny.

Beverly Hills Guns, a store tucked away in a strip mall, has been highly sought by locals who fear for their safety. An official of the Los Angeles police union frankly admitted that law enforcement is incapable of protecting the public against robberies and violent crime, with “progressive” prosecutor George Gascón determined on embracing a “jailbreak” approach to public safety.

Robert Stuart, the store’s owner, recounts selling weapons to Hollywood movie executives and famous actors in a recent interview with Los Angeles magazine.

This morning I sold six shotguns in about an hour to people that say, ‘I want a home defense shotgun,’” says Stuart of the political climate.Everyone has a general sense of constant fear,  which is very sad. We’re used to this being like Mayberry.” Stuart, whose gun store is one of several security-related businesses he owns, says that area residents are requesting even more elaborate security measures in their homes, such as bulletproof glass, safe rooms, and armored cars.

Black Lives Matter militants recently targeted Beverly Hills for a so-called “smash and grab” protest, referencing a string of organized robberies by gang-affiliated criminals in Los Angeles. The far-left militants have taken to treating Beverly Hills as a supposedly “conservative” area, despite the progressive-leaning elitism of many of the neighborhood’s residents.

California has lost more residents than any other state in the country in 2020, with longtime citizens of the state simply tired of third-world style homelessness, crime, open drug use, feckless luxury liberalism, and civilizational decline. It may only be a matter of time before the state’s “progressive” single-party junta moves to strip the limousine liberals of their gun rights.

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