LOOMER: Andrew Gillum Kicks Jewish Journalist Out Of Synagogue

Conservative investigative journalist Laura Loomer was kicked out of a synagogue hosting an event for Andrew Gillum in Florida on Thursday.

Loomer, who is Jewish, along with a small group of conservatives were peacefully waiting to see Gillum, the Democrat nominee for governor in Florida, speak when she was thrown out. Along with Loomer, Jacob Engels of the Central Florida Post was removed, as previously reported.

Watch Laura Loomer get removed below:


After being removed, Loomer spoke to  Big League Politics to decry the actions of the Gillum campaign. As a Jewish woman she was infuriated at being removed from a place of worship for her faith.

“As a Jewish American woman, today’s events that took place inside the Synagogue deeply disturbed me,” Loomer stated. “I was removed¬† for who I am, a Jewish conservative woman. It reminded me of the times in Nazi Germany when people like my Grandfather were arrested for being Jews.”

She then gave a warning to Jewish Floridians about Gillum:

“If one thing is clear to me today, it is that Hitler is reincarnated, and he is reincarnated as a black man running for governor of Florida, and his name is Andrew Gillum. To the Jews in Florida, you have been warned. Vote for Ron DeSantis.”

Gillum has been facing a number of scandals in recent weeks. A conservative journalist was assaulted at one of his rallies while questioning him on the massive amounts of money he has accepted from George Soros.

He is also facing heat after getting caught lying about receiving a gift from an FBI agent, who was posing as a developer looking into city corruption.

Since these scandals began coming up, Gillum has begun sliding down in the polls, while his opponent, Ron DeSantis, is climbing.

But there’s no telling how this election will shape up when voters make the ultimate decision on November 6th.

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