McCain 2.0 Strikes Again: Dan Crenshaw Supports Gun Confiscation

After the El Paso and Dayton shootings, Crenshaw expressed his horror at these atrocities.

But he took it a step further.

In a tweet he stated that “The solutions aren’t obvious, even if we pretend they are. But we must try. Let’s start with the TAPS Act. Maybe also implement state “red flag” laws, or gun violence restraining orders. Stop them before they can hurt someone.

Crenshaw’s endorsement of The Threat Assessment, Prevention, and Safety (TAPS) Act reveals his establishment colors.

BLP previously reported on the TAPS Act introduced by Congressman Brian Babin (TX-36) in the House of Representatives and Senator Marco Rubio (FL) in the Senate:

It does the following:

Standardizes and provides a behavioral threat assessment and management process across the Federal government.  Provides states the training, resources, and support needed to stand up community-based, multi-disciplinary behavioral threat assessment and management units. Recognizes that behavioral threat assessment and management processes must become part of the culture and fabric of contemporary law enforcement.  Urges that this is a matter of national security – if we act now and work together, we can save lives.

Harmless title notwithstanding, many believe that the TAPS Act would potentially function as a pre-crime bill.

David Leach of The Strident Conservative argues that Marco Rubio’s version of the TAPS Act, S.265, would “encourage law enforcement to give EVERYONE a personal threat assessment (adults and children) and single out those they deem as future threats.” From there, this information could later be used to “stop dangerous individuals before they can commit an act of violence.”

Mark Angelides of Liberty Nation also commented on Babin’s statement on the TAPS Act and the implications it has for civil liberties:

But what result would be measured as a success? If the individual has committed no crime, why should they have their privacy invaded and their life chances hindered with a government record deeming them to be “threat”? If the individual in question has committed a crime, then there are already laws in place to deal with them.

This push for TAPS Act and “red flag” style legislation is part of a new wave of gun control that is making rounds across the nation.

With Lindsey Graham already working to push red flag bills again, it’s only a matter of time before this legislation comes to a vote in Congress.

Gun owners will have to be ready to fight back.


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