Mick Mulvaney Has Done A GREAT Job, Despite Fake News Trying To Split Him From Trump

Mick Mulvaney, Twitter

“Acting” White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney came into relative power in the White House in 2018, besting globalist adviser Jared Kushner for the job. Mulvaney the former conservative congressman is a tea party favorite and Trump praised him as a strong “activist.”

Now the Fake News is desperate to get the Mick out, pretending that Trump scolding Mulvaney for coughing during his ABC News interview is some kind of scandal known as “Coughgate.” Ridiculous.

While Stephen Miller gets all the acclaim for supposedly being an anti-immigration populist, Miller’s friend Sylvia May Davis, who was student body vice president at the University of Kansas, has parlayed her low-ranking role as a White House aide into being an anti-populist gatekeeper, putting Bill Kristol white papers on the President’s desk and trying to prevent Trump from reading groundbreaking news articles from my historic website Big League Politics and others. (READ: How Boehner Lackey DeStefano and Miller’s Friend Sylvia May Are Problems in the White House).

Mulvaney, on the other hand, stood by as President Trump served McDonald’s in the White House (awesome), shut down the government, and most importantly declared a national emergency for the Wall and vetoed both parties in both houses of Congress when they passed legislation to try to stop the emergency.

Remember when Mulvaney came in, shut down the government, and prompted anti-Trump manipulators to almost crash the stock market on Christmas Day (Steven Mnuchin saved it, which was bad news for Schumer). The shutdown did not hurt Trump at all, as Rush Limbaugh always points out. It simply proved to America that Democrats are against all border security, so it laid the popular foundation for President Trump’s national emergency. (READ: Here’s A Full List of 31 Active National Emergencies BEFORE Trump’s Wall Declaration).

It was due to this national emergency that President Trump will be able to complete 400 miles of Wall by 2020, as he promises on the stump — a process that he has already started with private contractors.

Going into an election year, President Trump needs an activist by his side.

He needs Mick in his corner.

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