MORE CENSORSHIP: Facebook is Blocking Articles From ZeroHedge

Facebook appears to be employing several of its well-known content filtration tactics to censor articles from the alternative media platform ZeroHedge.

The finance-based blog and news outlet published an article Monday revealing a trend of the social media behemoth nuking or censoring its content, most commonly by designating it to be spam.

Increasingly, giant Silicon Valley companies like Facebook and Google seek to minimize the spread of anti-establishment and populist political content through ‘shadow ban’ style techniques, as opposed to directly removing or banning it. The former allows the monopolies to deny responsibility for censorship, while shielding their liberal daddies from criticism or skepticism online.

At least some ZeroHedge content appears to have been outright banned. It’s likely that the Silicon Valley behemoth has altered its algorithm to automatically detect and censor ZeroHedge articles without so much as even a report from an incensed and offended progressive. 

Much of the content being banned and censored was posted in conservative groups, contrasting with Facebook’s notion of ZeroHedge content being unwanted spam.

Facebook is increasingly taking a direct and heavy-handed approach towards conservative and libertarian group pages, often reaching at straws to find an excuse to shamelessly ban pages with more than 10,000 members.

Last month, the viral meme page ‘God Emperor Trump’s Dank Meme Stash’ was purged from the platform under the dubious grounds of promoting ‘nudity.’

It also appears that Facebook was nuking links to content on the website ‘Minds-‘ thus directly censoring content from a competitor to the Silicon Valley monopoly. Minds bills itself as a decentralized alternative to big tech authoritarianism and censorship.

ZeroHedge was one of the first online media platforms to take Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy seriously in 2015 and remains a preferred outlet for cryptocurrency buffs and others interested in finance.

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