Most Dems Believe Trans Athletes ‘Should Not Be Allowed’ In Female Sports, Poll Shows

One of the biggest debates in America right now is about biological males in women’s sports. The media is pushing hard for the inclusion of transgender athletes, which is inarguably taking away opportunities for female athletes, while most Americans oppose the whole notion according to a poll from The Washington Post.

The poll, conducted in May of 2022, asked respondents if “transgender women and girls should or should not be allowed to compete in sports with other women and girls.”

Respondents, who were made up primarily of self-described Democrat and Independent voters, overwhelmingly said that biological males “should not be allowed” to compete against women in sports. This viewpoint stretched across all levels of female competition, ranging from youth to professional sports.

Regardless of these findings, The Washington Post still pushed the standpoint as a conservative “talking point.”

America has witnessed many case studies of the inclusion of biological males in female competitions, with the most notable example being Lia Thomas. That story has become so high profile, that the University of Pennsylvania’s female swimming team was reportedly forced to remain silent. The University told the women athletes they would “be canceled if they spoke out.”

In Matt Walsh’s latest smash hit documentary about gender ideology, “What Is A Women,” anonymous teammates shared in a segment that they were told to never question Lia’s place and warned that doing would “seal their fate.”

At around the same time, the corporate media pursued puff pieces for Lia Thomas, where he was given free rein to share his story and advance the movement of trans people in sports. He even went as far as to say he was considering Olympic trials in the future if possible – WATCH:

In another high-profile example, Taylor Silverman, the female skateboarder who placed second to a biological man that identifies as a woman in the Red Bull Cornerstone Contest, ripped the company-sponsored competition for ignoring her plea to be placed first. Saying, “I reached out to Redbull and was ignored.”

Silverman spoke out publicly on her Instagram, accusing Red Bull of giving the prize money she deserved to trans competitors. She, just like the female teammates of Lia Thomas, felt bullied into silence over speaking out against biological men in women’s sports. They were originally too scared to say what most Americans are thinking out loud.

The inclusion of males in female athletics has come for virtually every sport. Just recently, The NFL’s California Panthers added their first transgender cheerleader to its roster.

This poll from The Washington Post highlights the stark disconnect between what the mainstream media is pushing versus what the average American wants. Sadly, trans athletes in female sports in making ground at an alarming rate. Which is only expected to rise if people don’t start speaking out against it.

The future of women’s sports is severely at stake.

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