Mother Blames Soros-Backed DA’s ‘Reckless’ Policies For The Murder Of Two Cops In El Monte

San Francisco recently sent a strong message to the rest of the country regarding George Soros-funded District Attorneys who are soft on crime; Woke prosecutors who don’t enforce the law can and will be ousted.

This was evident when SF voters removed Soros-backed district attorney Chesa Boudin from office due to his “pro-crime” policies – a staple of Soros-funded DAs across the nation.

In response, citizens rejoiced – WATCH:

During one party, Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva was met with loud cheers after stating, “George Gascón, you’re next!”

George Gascón appears to be the next progressive LA DA facing mounting efforts to oust him. Especially considering many have connected the dots between the woke prosecutors’ “reckless” policies that left a violent gangbanger free to gun down two cops.

In a recent article from Fox News, the mother of one of the slain LA police officers is placing blame for her son’s death at the feet of Gascón. She says his failed policies allowed her son’s killer to be out on the streets rather than in jail.

“Gascón is just letting all these criminals out and they just keep doing one crime after the other,” Olga Garcia, the mother of now dead El Monte Police Officer Joseph Anthony Santana, said. “That guy should have been in jail. If he wouldn’t have been out my son and the other officer would still be here.”

“Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascón gives criminals more rights than police officers,” Garcia added. “He has insane ideas about giving criminals a slap (on) the hand. We need death row and three-strikes law to come back. We need to enforce our laws so more police officers don’t die.”

Some outlets including Garcia have even accused Gascón of pledging to cover the funeral expenses of the alleged killer. “Yesterday, I was slapped in the face when I was told that Gascón is going to pay for the criminal’s funeral,” the mother said Friday.

Hours before Garcia made the claim, however, Gascón issued the following statement online denying the rumor:

“There have been rumors surfacing today that the DA’s office will pay for the funeral services for the person responsible for the murders of two El Monte officers. Those rumors are unfounded and incredibly disrespectful to the families and colleagues of the two fallen officers. We also hope people will stop playing politics with trauma and that we can all get serious about how we prevent serious violence before it begins. We will be working with anyone who is willing to solve these problems.”

It’s apparent that people are paying close attention to Gascón and his policies, drawing parallels between his actions and the uptick in crime across LA.

The woke prosecutor is already facing recall efforts and is being slammed by Republicans like Ted Cruz who are outraged that the murderer of the two cops was not in jail. Thus allowing him to commit this heinous act.

Gascón, like other Soros-funded woke DAs is on close watch.

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