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Neocon Nikki Haley Plays Gatekeeper Against Judge Roy Moore

The favorite of the Never Trumpers is telling the people of Alabama who they should vote for.



Former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, who once served as Trump administration’s ambassador to the United Nations, is playing gatekeeper in the Republican Party and taking aim at Judge Roy Moore.

Moore, who is mounting another U.S. Senate campaign after getting the Brett Kavanaugh treatment in 2017, has the neocons, GOP establishment, and never Trumpers lining up against him. Haley is leading the charge.

“Who in the world are his advisors? At what point does he think another run will have a different response?” Haley asked on Twitter.

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“He does not represent our Republican Party,” she added.

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Moore’s Christian constitutional values may not represent Haley’s Republican Party, as she is the darling of the ‘Never Trump’ elitists who see her as the means to co-opt Trump’s populist ‘America First’ movement and steer it back to the globalist status quo.

“Conventional wisdom in my inner circle of sorcerers and sources has been that the first female president will be a Republican,” Washington Post commentator Kathleen Parker wrote in an op/ed arguing that Haley should be the first female President. “This is because America is still mostly a center-right country, and voters would feel more comfortable with a conservative-leaning woman. So goes the thinking.”

Ben Shapiro, the infamous ‘Never Trump’ leader who continues to undermine President Trump to his very day, lamented about Haley’s departure from the White House after she left as U.N. ambassador.

“All I can say is that I’m stuck in a glass cage of emotion, a glass cage of emotion. I’m so sad right now. The sadness overwhelms me at times,” Shapiro said.

“Now Nikki Haley was indeed a bad ass in her job as the UN ambassador. She basically spent every day going and yelling at despots, which was— And she was great at it,” he added.

Meanwhile, Judge Moore offers an unapologetic defense of America’s Christian heritage to the voters and intends to go to Washington D.C. to fight big government, protect the unborn, and uphold religious liberty. This is the agenda Haley is desperate to upend.

“If we don’t recognize God in our lives and in our government, we lose our right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” Moore said in a recent email addressed to supporters.

“Our government is out of control — it cannot control itself, and it creeps into our lives taking away our basic liberties — the right of a child to be born,” Moore said.

“These are rights given by God, not by man. They can not be taken away. I have entered this race to try to set that straight,” he added.

Moore pointed to the pro-amnesty Chamber of Commerce as his fiercest enemy. He refuses to bend an inch regardless of whatever the establishment throws against him.

“Even a few supposedly conservative Republicans inside the Beltway have decided to line up against me,” Moore said. “Despite all that, our message stays the same.”

Haley will remain the favorite of the Beltway insider class as they work to wrestle the GOP away from President Trump and give it back to neoconservative globalists.

Campaign 2020

Michigan Whistleblower Explains How Republicans Were Prevented From Becoming Poll Workers by City of Detroit

This is illegal.



A whistleblower in the state of Michigan has come forward describing how Republicans were prevented by the city of Detroit from becoming poll workers in a clear violation of the law.

Adam de Angeli was one of the few Republican individuals who was able to attend a poll worker training after applying in Detroit. Many others were kept out of the process through a series of hoops set up by Detroit officials, run by a city clerk who bragged about how she was going to keep Republicans from policing her city’s notoriously corrupt process.

“Based on everything that we’d heard in the news in the lead up to the election, we had every reason to be suspicious that something might go wrong in Detroit,” de Angeli stated – pointing to “grossly understaffed polls in the August primary election.”

“Surprisingly, even the process of applying to become a poll worker was difficult. The city of Detroit’s website had a form that you could fill out to apply but they didn’t have any directions as to where to submit the form,” he explained.

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De Angeli had to drive over a hundred miles to the city of Detroit to turn in the form personally to the clerk’s office to make sure that it was processed. Others who attempted to use the city of Detroit’s online form could not participate in the process, with the deprivation of their rights leading to the third-world style heist that occurred on election day and the day after.

Before the election, Big League Politics talked to Marian Sheridan, the grassroots vice chair for the Michigan Republican Party. She was frantically leading the grassroots effort to guard the vote and stop the vote steal that was essentially promoted by arrogant, anti-American Democrats who are drunk with power.

“It seems that they’re not putting any effort into balancing Republicans and Democrats. They really should be looking at applications and having a fair ratio of Republicans to Democrats. We have been putting applications out there for the past six weeks, and most of our applicants are being declined,” Sheridan explained about the process in Detroit prior to the election.

Sheridan pointed to MCL 168.674, a statute which states that “the board of election commissioners shall appoint at least 1 election inspector from each major political party and shall appoint an equal number, as nearly as possible, of election inspectors in each election precinct from each major political party.” This is the law that Democrat elected officials blatantly violated prior to the election so the rigging could take place.

When Sheridan finally received her training date to be a poll worker, it was scheduled several days after the election – in what may have been a deliberate slap in the face from administrators in America’s most disgusting and humiliating city. Another whistleblowing poll worker who attempted to be trained earlier this month told their horror story to Big League Politics.

The whistleblower showed up on their scheduled date, only to receive a major curve ball from Detroit election workers. One instructor reportedly told attendees that 2800 people applied for poll worker jobs at TCF Center, a major absentee ballot processing facility in Detroit, with only roughly half that number being accepted as workers.

Another authority figure then took the microphone to explain the astronomical number of absentee ballots they expect to process and how poll workers need to be dedicated in order to handle such a massive workload. The next person who addressed the approximately 100 potential poll workers explained that there would be no training taking place on this day, and that attendees would need to commit to working for two days for payment of $600 per day that would be “tax free.”

The Detroit election worker explained that since they have too many people signed up to work, they wanted this and two other groups to line up the following week at 9 am to be trained. The trainer said that they would open the doors at 9 am and the first people in line would be chosen to work.

The women seated behind the whistleblower started to whisper at this point about how they were going to get in line at 3 am in order to make $1,200 working at the polls. One of the potential poll workers raised their hand and asked how early they had to be there, and the authority figure addressing the potential poll workers said in response, “You’re going to get here early, like we all did to vote for Obama!”

The instructor told the prospective poll workers that if they made the cut to wait in line next week, they would call them on Saturday. The whistleblower never got “the call,” and was likely disenfranchised as a result. The whistleblower noted that there was no way Detroit election workers could choose an even number of Republicans and Democrats after turning what is required under law to be a selective process into a completely random “first come, first serve” process.

The full whistleblower interview can be seen here.

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