NEW: Brian Hodge Met with Possible ISIS Members Night of Vegas Shooting, Covered Tracks

Big League Politics has been unraveling a tangled web of new information pertaining to the Las Vegas Massacre of October 1.

Today, we have a new update regarding Brian A. Hodge, the Australian mystery man who was present at the Mandalay Bay on the night of the shooting.

Hodge also met with a suspected Turkish terrorist less than 48 hours after the massacre.

Last week, Big League Politics reported:

“[F]ormer government intelligence operatives were able to track Hodge to the Anatolia Doner Kebab House located at 313 Central Avenue North West, Suite B, in Albuquerque. He arrived in the city by an unknown means of travel.

The kebab shop where Hodge was geo-located is owned by Mr. Mehmet Kokangul, a Turkish national from the city of Adana, which is a known Islamic State terrorist hotbed. Just two weeks ago, 9 ISIS terrorists were arrested there. A former FBI counterterrorism analyst with knowledge of the private investigation into Hodge confirmed that Kokangul is on State Department terror watch list.”

BLP Passage Ends.

Hodge appeared on five Australian radio stations, and two Australian television stations in the hours after the shooting, telling pretty much the same version of the story during each interview.

He claims that he entered the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay after having dinner with his “team” just as the shooting began. He never specifically names any members of his “team.” He claims to hear a woman screaming about gunshots coming from that floor, at which point he and his “team” return to the elevator, ride down to the lobby, and run through the kitchen of a restaurant out a back door. He then proceeds to hide in the bushes for “three-and-a-half hours” until he is “rescued by SWAT.”

During one of his interviews, though, Hodge reveals a curious fact. He says that the shooter used a “special hammer” to break out the windows of the room in the Mandalay Bay before the began shooting. This fact was unknown to the public at the time of Hodge’s interviews. How could he have known?

But that is not even close to the most suspicious of Hodge’s activities on that night.

According to our sources, former government intelligence operatives who are dismayed with the way the investigation into the shooting has been handled, Hodge was not hiding in the bushes outside the Mandalay Bay for three-and-a-half hours. In fact, he was busy with far more nefarious activities.

To start, Hodge disabled the geo-location feature on his Twitter account almost immediately after shooting. Hours before the attack, and in his first tweet after the attack, his geo-location feature was activated.

At 8:51pm local time on October 1, Hodge tweets his location – Kumi Japanese restaurant inside the Mandalay Bay. The geo-location function locates him in Las Vegas.

In his first tweet after the attack, at 10:29pm local time, Hodge is geo-located in Enterprise, NV. This tweet was supposedly sent while he was hiding in the bushes outside the Mandalay Bay.

The following tweets from 1:52am and 2:21am local time were also sent during the time when Hodge was supposedly “hiding in the bushes.” The geo-location feature is completely disabled:

Disabling the geo-location feature is quite possibly an attempt to mask his actual location in the hours after the attack.

Over four hours after the tweet locating him in Enterprise, NV, Hodge appears to have turned the function back on:

“Finally safe @ Vdara Hotel & Spa,” he tweeted. The tweet located him at Paradise, NV, just outside of Las Vegas.

Note that Hodge makes mention of multiple shooters in his tweet from 2:21am local time. This information could have been ascertained from internet speculation. Hodge says in some of his interviews that he was following the situation using Twitter. It is possible that there were indeed multiple shooters, though investigators have repeatedly denied this claim. The third possible explanation is that Hodge had foreknowledge of a coordinated attack, and that there were supposed to be multiple shooters present. In any case, Hodge never mentions the multiple shooter theory again, and in fact denies that there were multiple shooters in a later Facebook post. 

Hodge’s Facebook post reveal more curious details. He claims that the “security guard” on his floor (presumably Jesus Campos), was “killed” at 1:13am local time. Campos was not killed, but rather shot. Either way, Hodge could not have possibly known this information, as it had not yet been publicly released.  

At 3:27am local time he places himself in the suite next door to shooter Stephen Paddock, room 32134. Hotel receipts show that he was not staying in that room. 

In another post, Hodge responds to a question from another Facebook user. When asked if he saw the shooter, he responds “there was only one.” He contradicts his earlier Twitter post claiming that there were multiple shooters, and fails to answer the question, instead answering another question that was not asked. This is described by intelligence sources as “a classic deception indicator.”

Finally, the most startling revelation of all.

Laura Loomer reported in April:

“The information briefed to members of Congress includes a hotel receipt that suggests 3 additional individuals who have ties to Guanajuato, Mexico participated in the Las Vegas Shooting and came in through the US/Mexican border, despite the FBI’s claim that Stephen Paddock acted alone and that the shooting was not a coordinated act of terrorism. The receipt shows that a man by the name of German Torres Moreno rented a hotel room at the Knotty Pine Motel in North Las Vegas on September 29 throughout October 1, 2017, the day of the Las Vegas Shooting. Moreno checked into the hotel with his driver’s license, which was traced back to Guanajuato, Mexico. Guanajuato is of significance, because it is where Mexican Military Intelligence discovered an ISIS recruiter in 2015.”

Loomer Passage Ends. 

Our intelligence sources not only corroborate Loomer’s reporting, but confirm that during the time in which Hodge claimed he was hiding outside the Mandalay Bay, surveillance data shows that he traveled to the Knotty Pine Motel, 10 miles north of downtown Las Vegas.

Here is the receipt showing Moreno’s check-in at the Knotty Pine:

Islamic ties to Guanajuato, Mexico are well known. Regeneracion reported in 2016:

“According to the informative site Publímetro, a few months ago (September 2015) the Military Intelligence and agents of the Special Prosecutor’s Office for High Impact Crimes of the Attorney General’s Office of the State (PGJE) discovered an Islamic State recruiter in León, Guanajuato. The aforementioned was a martial arts teacher and practiced acupuncture.

However, it could not be stopped because the dissemination of jihadist propaganda is not a crime in Mexico and apparently neither is recruitment.

The journalist Carlos Loret de Mola reported that the recruiter had obtained 11 members for his organization; Americans and Mexicans.”

Regeneracion Passage Ends. 

If Moreno and his two friends were indeed ISIS connected militants with whom Hodge met at the Knotty Pine Motel on the night of the massacre, it would be his second known meeting with suspected terrorists during the general timeframe of the shooting.

Hodge has further suspected ties to radical Islam, which will be detailed later in this series.

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