New San Francisco DA Fires Over 15 Employees Hired By Or Allied With Her Recalled Predecessor

In case you missed it: one of the biggest stories from this summer was when San Francisco successfully recalled George-Soros-backed District Attorney Chesa Boudin.

Residents were understandably outraged by the former prosecutor for his pro-criminal policies, so they sent a strong message to the political world; woke prosecutors who don’t enforce the law can and will be ousted.

This move – especially coming from San Francisco – served as a major rejection of the far-left.

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Now, San Francisco has a new DA. Brooke Jenkins was sworn in by mayor London Breed on July 8th, and has already fired at least fifteen employees. Jenkins claims that everyone who was let go was either hired by or allied with her predecessor, Boudin, and that this move will help “restore a sense of safety in San Francisco.”

“Today, I made difficult, but important changes to my management team and staff that will help advance my vision to restore a sense of safety in San Francisco by holding serious and repeat offenders accountable and implementing smart criminal justice reforms,” Jenkins said in a statement on Friday.

She reiterated that she had promised to “restore accountability and consequences to the criminal justice system while advancing smart reforms responsibly.”

“My new management team, which will include the addition of three women of color with decades of prosecutorial experience at the highest levels,” she continued, “will help our office deliver on that promise. I have full faith and confidence that these women will promote and protect public safety while delivering justice in all of its various forms.”

Those fired expressed their frustrations on Twitter, and claimed that they were let go because they believed in “criminal reform.” Something that the same San Francisco residents who ousted the former DA just a little over a month ago would see as being pro-criminal initiatives that ultimately hurt law-abiding citizens.

Early returns from the Boudin recall showed that 61% of voters wanted Boudin gone, while only 39% wanted to retain him. This coalition of fed-up San Francisco citizens was notably made up of safety-minded Democrats, Republicans, and Independents who blame the now recalled DA for rising violence across the city.

The race, however, apparently divided Democrats in the city. As The New York Times claims, “Democrats are at war with themselves over crime.”

This whole saga serves as a major blow to billionaire George Soros, who has invested 40 million dollars to elect “dozens of progressive prosecutors” across the nation. In a recent report by the LELDF, Soros’ contributions elected new left-wing DAs in 75 cities across the nation. Those DAs are responsible for 40% of criminal activity in the U.S.

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