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Oath Keepers Offering A Free Security Detail To Gun Toting Kent State Grad After Death Threats

Second Amendment supporters stand together



After graduating from Kent State University, Kaitlin Bennett showed her support for the Second Amendment by carrying an AR-10 rifle on the schools campus for her graduation photos.

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Needless to say, that perfectly legal act put her in the cross hairs of the anti-gun left, who attacked her mercilessly. Among those attacks contained a large number of death threats, as Bennett pointed out on Twitter.

In response to those death threats, Oath Keepers, a group made up of both current and former law enforcement and military members offered to protect her for free.

“We feel honor bound, as a matter of duty, to step up in direct support of this brave young patriot, by offering our protection, free of charge,” the group stated on Facebook. “We have highly trained and professional retired police officers and Special Forces veterans who are standing by to serve on this volunteer detail if she accepts our offer.”

Oath Keepers have been around since  2009, and are most known for protecting business owners facing the threat of looters during rioting in Ferguson, MO. Their states goal is “to fulfill the oath all military and police take to ‘defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.'”

This is a great example of how Second Amendment advocates will stand together in the face of opposition. Bennett is a perfectly law-abiding American who simply wanted to show her support for the Second Amendment, and the anti-gun left was having none of it.

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2A Revolution: The Number of Concealed Carry Licenses Issued in Ohio Almost Doubled In 2020

Gun grabbers take another L.



2020 was a monster year for gun sales. The unrest that ensued following the death of George Floyd motivated millions of Americans to get strapped. As cities became hellscapes filled with looting and random acts of violence, Americans learned real quick that the most reliable form of defense in such chaotic times is the right to bear arms. 

In addition, a substantial number of Americans took their gun ownership to the next level by applying for concealed carry licenses. Some figures from states such as Ohio suggest that 2020 was also a record year for the issuance of concealed carry licenses. According to Cam Edwards of Bearing Arms, data from Attorney General Dave Yost’s office uncovered that approximately 100,000 concealed carry licenses were issued to Ohioans in 2020. 

These figures are the most since 2016 and represent a 78% increase since 2019. More specifically, Ohio sheriffs issued 96,892 new concealed licenses, while 72.340 ohio gun owners completed license renewals. 2018 and 2019 were the top two years for renewed concealed firearms licenses. 

Ohio is currently ranked as the 23rd most pro-gun state in the nation according to Guns & Ammo magazine’s ranking for most pro-gun states in America. Additionally, it’s ranked in a sub-par 34th place for states most friendly towards the concept of concealed carry. Ohio’s gun laws still need work, but the state is moving in the right direction after it recently passed a bill to strengthen its Stand Your Ground laws. 

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The Second Amendment remains a powerful issue and America First proponents would do well to embrace it during election season, when there are many angry gun owners ready to pounce on anti-Second Amendment incumbents and candidates.

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