Oath Keepers Offering A Free Security Detail To Gun Toting Kent State Grad After Death Threats

After graduating from Kent State University, Kaitlin Bennett showed her support for the Second Amendment by carrying an AR-10 rifle on the schools campus for her graduation photos.

Needless to say, that perfectly legal act put her in the cross hairs of the anti-gun left, who attacked her mercilessly. Among those attacks contained a large number of death threats, as Bennett pointed out on Twitter.

In response to those death threats, Oath Keepers, a group made up of both current and former law enforcement and military members offered to protect her for free.

“We feel honor bound, as a matter of duty, to step up in direct support of this brave young patriot, by offering our protection, free of charge,” the group stated on Facebook. “We have highly trained and professional retired police officers and Special Forces veterans who are standing by to serve on this volunteer detail if she accepts our offer.”

Oath Keepers have been around since  2009, and are most known for protecting business owners facing the threat of looters during rioting in Ferguson, MO. Their states goal is “to fulfill the oath all military and police take to ‘defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.'”

This is a great example of how Second Amendment advocates will stand together in the face of opposition. Bennett is a perfectly law-abiding American who simply wanted to show her support for the Second Amendment, and the anti-gun left was having none of it.

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