Ousted Manlet Matthew Tyrmand Threatens James O’Keefe in Unhinged Tirade After Getting Forced Out of Project Veritas

DeSantis backer and Ukraine war enthusiast Matthew Tyrmand is flaming out big time after he was forced to resign from Project Veritas earlier this week, going on a Twitter rampage against James O’Keefe and others.

Tyrmand was intimately involved with a coup against O’Keefe that was ultimately successful in removing him as CEO of Veritas following the Pfizer gain-of-function mad science disclosures that went viral on social media.

The backlash against Veritas was massive, and the organization is fighting to survive in the midst of the fallout. Insider sources tell Big League Politics that Tyrmand imagined he would rise to the forefront of the group with O’Keefe gone, but his delusions of grandeur were not realized. After substantial pushback from aggrieved donors, Tyrmand was pushed out of the Veritas board, resigning before his imminent removal in an attempt to save face.

But any chance of saving face was eviscerated after Tyrmand launched several classless rants on social media against O’Keefe and a prominent Veritas whistleblower, demonstrating his complete and utter lack of professionalism.

“Oh you think this is good for you, you lying sack of sh*t? I know all what you did, you fkn scumbag. Only thing keeping me from not airing your bullsh*t heretofore the last 5 months was being connected to an institution that had other people in it that I was concerned about. Cuz Ive cared about our people, novel sentiment I know, to a vacuous succubus like yourself. Those people of [Project Veritas] are amazing warriors- those who did the work and who bled and sweat for your legacy. They did work you didn’t, nee couldn’t, do but you took credit for. Now I can discuss all of it. On my own schedule. And I have ALL the receipts. Let’s roll,” Tyrmand wrote in a tweet addressed to O’Keefe.

That tweet can be seen here:

Even though Tyrmand claims to care so much about the on-the-ground journalists doing the work to expose corruption, that did not prevent Tyrmand from attacking a whistleblower who he perceives as being loyal to O’Keefe.

“[April Moss] with her 12k followers thinks [Twitter] is real life. And she might build her middling career on it. It’s not. I’m old enough to remember when you came to me, [April], in a Naples seed to table parking lot (2/7/23 9:40pm… to testify to me about what you saw & experienced at [James O’Keefe’s] hand (oh the curse words you said about him you Godly woman you)…and it was bad…crying about your children and so forth… but yes. Keep playing this character for clicks,” Tyrmand said to whistleblower April Moss who was fired by a CBS News affiliate for exposing discrimination live on air.

Big League Politics has previously reported on Tyrmand’s support of sellout Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ presidential campaign to upend MAGA and subvert the America First movement as well as Tyrmand’s incessant cheerleading for World War 3 in Ukraine. His departure from Project Veritas may be a first step for that once-proud organization to regain some of its lost credibility.

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