OUT OUT OUT: Fake News CNN “Reporter” BANNED From White House

Earlier today, CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins was banned from an event at the White House Rose Garden after shouting questions at President Trump during an Oval Office photo op. The photo op occurred after a meeting between President Trump and Jean-Claude Juncker, who is the president of the European Commission.

Despite what fake news CNN is saying, the exchange was chaotic, with Collins being the main disruptor. A visibly annoyed Trump was sitting adjacent to Junckter as Collins screamed asking the president, “Did Michael Cohen betray you?”

Her question was in reference to Trump’s former attorney, Michael Cohen secretly taping a conversation about a payment to porn star Stormy Daniels, which has been exposed as a “Big Nothingburger” in a previous Big League Politics article.

President Trump has already responded to the leaked Cohen tape, and Collins surely knows that, her screaming the question was nothing more than activism, not reporting.

After the tirade, Collins was asked to leave the Oval Office, and did so after some initial reluctance.

Upon leaving the Oval Office, the White House announced a surprise press event in the Rose Garden where  both Trump and Juncker would answer questions.

But after the announcement was made, Collins was called into the office of White House deputy chief of staff for communications Bill Shine, who along with Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told Collins that her behavior was “inappropriate” and that she would not be permitted at the event happening outside.

While any reasonable person would realize that the White House was justified, the CNN news room went into immediate hysteria. CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer called it “unprecedented,” and “truly shocking.”

CNN employees also went wild on Twitter with angry Tweets, even going so far as to infer that Trump is a “dictator.”

Collins previously served as White House reporter for The Daily Caller, where she initially asked friendly conservative-leaning questions and was frequently singled out by Trump and Sean Spicer to be called on. Then, Collins did a complete 180 and became an anti-Trump fake news reporter for CNN.


This isn’t the first time that CNN has crossed the line at the White House. They got dubbed “fake news CNN” by President Trump after a series of outbursts, usually led by their White House Correspondent Jim Acosta, who also chimed in on the spectacle.

CNN is just upset that President Trump isn’t playing nice with them like Hillary Clinton would have. President Trump understands that mainstream media is stacked against him, so he isn’t going to play into their hands.


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