Paul Gosar Questions the US Government’s Blind Support for Ukraine 

On December 5, 2022, Arizona Congresswoman Paul Gosar went on Twitter to criticize the United States government’s “immoral” support for the Ukrainian regime in its fight against Russia. 

“Our continued support of this war in Ukraine is immoral,” the Republican lawmaker posted on Twitter. “The deaths continue and Ukraine (in addition to comprising Nazi regiments) has become an authoritarian regime not worthy of any support. I support peace talks, not death and destruction. Not bombing churches,” the Arizona congressman added.

In October, Gosar wrote a letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky where he invited them to come to Phoenix, Arizona to conduct peace talks.

Gosar has been one of the few voices of sanity in the US Congress in calling for restraint with regards to the Russo-Ukrainian conflict. Unlike the neocons who still dominate the GOP, Gosar believes in a realist foreign policy that focuses on more pressing national security matters such as the collapsing southern border. For Gosar, America, not some country far away, comes first.

BLP has reported on Gosar’a steadfast opposition to sanctions and other escalatory actions against Russia. Instead, he has proposed that the US focus on securing its southern border as opposed to worrying about geopolitical conflicts taking place thousands of miles away. 

We need more representatives like if we want the US to revert to a humble foreign policy.

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