Portland ANTIFA Thug and “Armed Security Guard” Marquise Love Has Domestic Assault, Theft, Gun Crime Arrests on Criminal Rap Sheet

New documents provided to Fox News indicate that Marquise Love- a criminal suspect wanted by Portland authorities for brutally attacking a badly beaten motorist with a kick to the head- has a lengthy criminal record with seven arrests since 2012.

Love was identified by internet sleuths as the perpetrator of a gutless cheap shot kick to the back of the head to a motorist during a Portland Black Lives Matter protest.


Love identifies as an “Armed Security Guard” on his personal Facebook account, raising serious questions as to how he’s able to work in such a field and presumably carry weapons in his duties.

Fox News reported Thursday that Love has been arrested seven times in Washington County, Oregon alone since 2012. Love has been arrested for two different charges of providing false information for a firearm transfer, heavily suggesting that he is a prohibited possessor of a firearm under federal or state law. He was charged with second-degree theft and criminal trespass in 2012.

In the same year, he plead guilty to interfering with public transportation and received 18 months of probation. He still owes thousands of dollars in fines to the state in connection to criminal convictions, some of which appear to be expunged or sealed.

He was arrested and charged with domestic assault and domestic harassment in 2017. He wasn’t ultimately convicted, but a judge signed a restraining order against him.

He’s been convicted of two other misdemeanor traffic offenses since 2016, including driving without a license or insurance.

Love was identified almost immediately after his security name placard was identified on camera during the assault, but the Portland Police refused to make an arrest for more than 48 hours after the fact. Love is now wanted in connection to the assault, but has yet to be apprehended.

It’s utterly inexcusable that the Portland Police can let a repeat criminal offender involved in an aggravated felony assault to simply slip away. This menace needs to be brought to justice, immediately.

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