President Trump Appoints Vince McMahon, Sports Leagues Commissioners to Economic Recovery Team

President Donald Trump has announced his intention to nominate WWE legend Vince McMahon and the commissioners of several major American sports leagues to an advisory group on the matter of reopening the US economy.

Some of the most prominent individuals in American sports will be on the commission, which Trump announced at Wednesday’s press conference. He stated that the New England Patriots’ Robert Craft, the NFL’s Roger Goodell, MLB’s Rob Manfred, and the NHL’s Gary Bettman. Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, will also be on the commission.

President Trump has a lengthy friendship with McMahon, even going so far as to compete against McMahon personally in a WWE event. McMahon recently had to terminate the operations of the XFL, a spring football league originally intended to compete with the NFL, due to the national coronavirus epidemic.

Sports leagues were among the first major American institutions to suspend operations as the coronavirus epidemic began, with the prospect of tens of thousands of people gathering in relative proximity being a total no-go in the midst of the highly contagious pandemic. Major League Baseball is even considering starting its regular season entirely in Arizona spring training facilities, in games played without fans.

The creation of advisory boards on the matter of reopening the economy doesn’t mean everything is going to open back up tomorrow. The commissioners of sports leagues suspended their league operations before state and federal social distancing requirements were enacted, putting a halt to their profitable businesses.

It’s likely the economic advisors will come up with a plan to gradually phase everyday American institutions and workplaces back into operation.

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