President Trump Questions Joe Biden’s Competence During Fox News Town Hall

President Donald Trump questioned Joe Biden’s mental acuity when forecasting a potential general election matchup against the former Vice President, stating that there is “something going on” with Biden’s mental state. Trump was referring to Biden’s increasingly frequent tendency to appear totally disoriented and confused on the campaign trail, demonstrating behavior that some are likening to symptoms of dementia.

Trump was holding a town hall event in Scranton, Pennsylvania- Biden’s hometown- with Fox News.

President Trump previously questioned whether or not Biden is mentally present at a North Carolina Trump rally earlier this week. He predicted that Biden’s Democrat handlers would “put him in a home” in the even that Biden was elected to the Presidency, going on to run the country in his stead.

Former Vice President Biden, who appears to be the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination, has forgotten what office he’s running for in a campaign event in South Carolina, forgotten what state he was in when campaigning in New Hampshire, and confused his sister with his wife during his Super Tuesday victory speech.

It’s probably irresponsible and potentially even elder abuse for senior Democrats to prop him up as the leader of their party when he’s clearly not mentally prepared for the rigors required of a major presidential campaign and governing in the White House.

He seems to have ignored the elephant in the room up until now, but as the frontrunner for the party’s nomination, he will be increasingly pressed to demonstrate that he’s in possession of his faculties.

In the town hall event with Brett Baier, President Trump also discussed his administration’s response to the coronavirus, Chuck Schumer’s threatening remarks to two Supreme Court Justices, and other priorities for him as President as he approaches the heated campaign season in the summer.


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