REJECTED: Marjorie Taylor Greene Stops Cori Bush’s Amendment to Allow Violent Convicted Felons to Vote

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) upstaged her legislative rival Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO) on Tuesday by defeating her amendment that would allow violent convicted felons to vote in national elections.

Bush attempted to slip in an amendment to H.R. 1 that would have expanded the voting rights of violent convicted felons and make it more difficult for quality public officials to be elected. By putting the measure to a vote, Greene was able to kill the measure.

“Rep. Cori Bush’s ‘Violent Convicted Criminals Can Vote’ amendment to H.R. 1 was just soundly defeated in bipartisan fashion on the House floor,” Greene announced in a press release.

“I called for a roll call vote putting Congress on record to stop this dangerous legislation and prevent Democrats from hiding behind a voice vote. I will not allow America’s elections to be further corrupted by radical left-wing policies shoved down our throats,” she added.

Greene’s full press release can be seen here:

Big League Politics has reported on Greene’s conflicts with Bush in the past as the far-left lawmaker invented fake news in an attempt to get Greene booted from Congress:

As social and economic conditions continue to worsen in the United States under the Biden Regime, political polarization only continues to get worse. As anti-establishment and even pro-secessionist sentiment grows across the country, many resentful Americans are beginning to see collusion between both parties to usher in more and more liberal and dystopian policies. It’s clearly no secret that many Republicans and Democrats have been colluding in Washington for sometime now, but a heated exchange yesterday went viral that took many Americans by surprise, indicating that some conservatives still have a backbone to stand up to the mob.

Freshman Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, who gained notoriety in the media over the past week and a half for filing impeachment charges against Joe Biden on his first full day in office, uploaded this video yesterday afternoon regarding a confrontation between herself and Missouri Congresswoman Cori Bush…

Bush, who is also an organizer for Black Lives Matter and was endorsed by AOC in 2018, seems to be heard in the background, first yelling at Greene for not having her mask up, then repeatedly screaming words that cannot be transcribed due to the audio muffling.

From the video, it seems very clear that Rep. Bush was indeed berating and harassing Rep. Green.

Bush’s attempt to ruin Greene’s career failed and now her amendment to allow thugs in the voting booth was a failure.

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