Rep. Mark Green: Unvetted Afghan Migrants Given Free Reign to Leave Virginia Military Base

Unvetted Afghan migrants have been given free reign to leave a Virginia military base where they’re being processed, according to a Tennessee congressman briefed on conditions at Fort Pickett. Mark Green revealed he’s learned of dangerous practices while speaking to Fox News’ Laura Ingraham on Wednesday night. 

I am writing to express deep concerns about the Afghan evacuees who are being held at Fort Pickett while awaiting the vetting process. I have recently been made aware by someone at Fort Pickett that the evacuees basically have free rein of the complex and have even been allowed to leave despite not having completed the vetting process,” Green read from a letter he’s written to Secretary of State Tony Blinken on the matter. 

In even more disturbing fashion, Green reported learning of sexual assaults occurring among the airlifted population held at the base. Some of the Afghan migrants traveled to the United States with underage “wives,” with American personnel shocked to see grown men ‘married’ to children. With 13 American service members dead following a suicide bombing at the Kabul Airport, unvetted Afghan migrants given free access to the American homeland represents a serious national security risk.

My source has made shocking allegations, including multiple incidents of sexual assault, and several evacuees have been picked up by Uber drivers without any permission from authorities—or being cleared to leave. The soldiers tasked with guarding these evacuees are unarmed and have no authority to arrest or stop any of them from simply leaving,” wrote Green.

The federal government declined to conduct any thorough vetting of the incoming migrants at all in the rush to bring more than 100,000 people to the United States from Afghanistan, almost all of whom have zero documentation or biometric information on file with the US government.

Only a small minority of the Afghan migrants airlifted from Kabul have been verified as translators and employees of the US government during the 20+ year period of military operations in the country. As many as 88% currently qualify as asylum seekers, migrants who make claims of persecution and are granted residency on a temporary basis as their cases are litigated.

The Republican Party has largely declined to ask questions and object to mass-scale Afghan migrant resettlement.

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