Ted Cruz Caves on Red Flag Laws, TX House Reps Silent on Second Amendment Betrayal

Senator Ted Cruz appears to have given up defending the rights of gun owners, and Texas’s Republican representatives are staying quiet in the face of creeping gun control.

Big League Politics contacted several Texas Congressmen, including Chip Roy, Dan Crenshaw, Randy Weber, and Brian Babin to ask for their thoughts on Cruz’s apparent support for a Democrat-led gun control push. None have responded thus far.

The Democrat controlled House has wasted no time passing gun control legislation over to the Republican-led upper chamber.

Now, the U.S. Senate is holding hearings on the so-called red flag gun confiscation bill, S.7, on Tuesday, a bill which has bipartisan support from Republican Senator Lindsey Graham and Democrat Senator Richard Blumenthal.

The Senate Judiciary Committee, which is chaired by recent Trump convert Lindsey Graham (R-SC), is the committee of jurisdiction holding the hearings. Sen. Graham could stop the Red Flag laws dead in their tracks if he so chose, or if Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) directed him to.

Bipartisan support for this red flag gun bill has caused pro-gun organizations like Gun Owners of America to stand up in opposition, as BLP recently reported.

Once the Texas senator was given the mic, he gave his two cents on the red flag bill, describing mass shootings as an “epidemic” during his testimony at the hearing. Cruz’s testimony was temporarily derailed by a gun control activist who interrupted the proceedings, yelling, “End Gun Terror!” and was quickly escorted off the premises by security.

Once the commotion settled, Cruz went back to his testimony. “I do think extreme risk laws, of the kind we’re discussing can potentially be part of the solution set,” Cruz said.


Cruz’s seeming endorsement of red flag laws has worried some gun owners.

Georgia Gun Owners member Marjorie Taylor Greene, who’s currently in Washington D.C. talking to Senators and recently confronted David Hogg, claims that Senators like Ted Cruz may be caving in to anti-gun pressure because they “are being hammered” by gun control groups who relentlessly confront them at their offices.

It also does not help that establishment gun lobbies have put forward lukewarm efforts to combat gun control.

Not too long ago, well-established gun lobbies like the National Rifle Association have given the green light on federal measures that would provide funding to states with red flag laws on the books. NRA-ILA  Executive Director Chris Cox went on record in support of red flag laws, saying “that we need to stop people before they act”.

Taylor Greene expressed her dissatisfaction with the NRA and called on everyday gun owners to take action against these gun control plots. She believes that there’s “overwhelming opposition” to red flag laws among regular gun owners across the nation.


Red flag gun confiscation orders are the most popular form of gun control legislation that gun control advocates are rallying around these days. Several states such as Florida and Maryland have adopted these laws since the 2018 Parkland shooting.

Now the momentum is carrying over to the federal level.

S.7 should be expecting further hearings in the future.

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