Texas Soldier Remains Missing At Southern Border

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A soldier in the Texas National Guard recently went missing after saving two migrants in the waters of Eagle Pass, Texas. The missing soldier reportedly disappeared on Friday morning at approximately 8:30 a.m. There are mounting fears that he may have drowned as a result of the crossing.

False reporting sunk the hearts of many, as the soldier was said to have drowned early in the day. This was based on a body found in the water that was determined not to be the soldier, but one of the many migrants who leftist policies allow to die each year while making the dangerous journey into the U.S.



The soldier was a part of Operation Lone Star in Texas, a program launched in March 2021 to stop the ongoing invasion into the United States by foreign nationals. The border policy was announced by the Texas Department of Public Safety in lieu of the federal government protecting the borders it is charged to defend. 

The weakness and corrupt nature of the U.S. Congress, as well as the same problems plaguing modern presidents — until President Donald Trump entered office — have left the borders open to criminals, drug traffickers and terrorists from all over the world for decades. Operation Lone Star is Texas defending itself and the rest of the nation through the use of “available resources to enforce all applicable federal and state laws” to stop the raging crime epidemic radiating from our southern border.


The migrants saved by the missing soldier are currently in Border Patrol custody, alive and well. But the soldier, who we’d prefer to have with us, remains unaccounted for. It is possible that he survived somehow and went missing. But, sadly, as time passes, that scenario becomes less likely.

The soldier is a hero in the truest sense of the word. He is serving an honorable mission in defending the U.S. border from invasion. But our weak border policy is what is pulling these migrants north. And, ultimately, this policy may have taken a hero’s life.

From early in the day, rabid Twitter opinion recyclers began blaming Texas Gov. Greg Abbot (R) and the operation defending our border, rather than the illegal migrants invading our country. There’s an election coming up, so there’s no time to mourn the dead.


And how will this invader be held accountable if there is loss of American life?

It will be a tragedy if these illegal migrants, who may have cost the life of an American soldier, now enters the country, funded by our tax dollars, without facing any penalties for this incident.

The United States needs an immediate border policy change. Title 42 needs to remain in place. And this administration needs to stop its reckless policy on the U.S. border that is putting the lives of Americans at risk every day.

The Texas Military Department and Border Patrol are coordinating with other agencies to locate the missing American.

At the time of this report, the soldier remains missing.


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